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Philosopher Seeds Regular

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Philosopher Seeds Regular

Philosophers Seeds Regular - cannabis seeds

Philosopher Seeds | Quality Regular Strains

Philosopher Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that gives us the opportunity to grow widely accepted strains for their excellent results both indoors and outdoors. This well-known brand works every day to offer cutting edge products in terms of new and improved strains, capable of surprising any grower, regardless of her/his level of experience. They have true feminized gems that have allowed them to gain worldwide prestige thanks to their excellent results and quality. So far, the bank had only focused on producing feminized and autoflowering strains. Philosopher Seeds now has a collection of Regular Seeds consisting of two strains of indisputable quality so that you can make your own hybrids or select a mother plant for cloning.

Spanish regular Cannabis Strains

Jamaican Blueberry BX is a well-known strain from the island of Jamaica. It's very resistant and fast to flower. This strain appeared recently and offers an extremely simple cultivation process in any growing medium. However, it does much better outdoors in a location with plenty of direct sunlight. Breeders know that this strain produces excellent buds with sweet scents and a thick and sticky resin. It needs to be grown organically to get to the end of its cycle at its best, yielding up to 600g per seasonal plant. Indoors, it'll be ready in 60-70 days after germination, yielding up to 400g with some 10 plants per m2.

Nepal Gum OG is also able to give excellent results thanks to its high levels of resin, which will increase until your plant completely covered with white trichomes. It was created from a Nepali plant which was crossed with a Bubblegum and then, with an OG Kush which increased THC levels, pushing them up to 22%. Easy-to-grow, it produces stable and average-sized plants, without many lateral branches. It was created with Kush and hash lovers in mind, since its flavor is reminiscent of Afghan and Indian genetics. It's a good producer and the indoors is its favorite medium. It'll allow you to harvest up to 500g from 9 plants per m2. Outdoors, it's convenient to give it plenty of nutrients during the flowering period since it needs lots of food at that time. You can harvest up to 650g of weed at the end of September.

Philosopher Seeds believes in quality and has managed to bring back the excitement of growing your own strains and creating your own hybrids.