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DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics feminized cannabis seeds

DNA Genetics is very popular among growers, having won more than 150 cannabis related competitions all over the world. It is the only seed bank that has won all categories of the High Times Cannabis Cup. It has even won the Top 10 category more than 5 times. This inevitably means that when you buy at DNA Genetics, you're buying quality seeds.

Feminized Seeds by DNA Genetics

There have strains such as the famous Chocolope, one of their most award-winning seeds. Being a mainly sativa plant, the breeders tried to give it a different taste from the usual citric or incensed sativa. After many crosses, they managed to give it a bittersweet taste similar to dark chocolate. It is very easy to grow and it's also adaptable to all type of climates. Chocolope does wonderfully in hot climates. Indoors it'll need to be tamed with a SCRoG net, as it can easily grow out of control. If you grow it outdoors, you'll get a very productive strain and each plant can yield more than 1kg under the right conditions. It has an energetic and cheerful effect, ideal for daytime smokers who don't want to be hindered in their daily tasks.

Another of their most renowned strains is LA Confidential, a strain with a strong, long lasting effect, useful for both the recreational user and medicinal user. This plant's effect can help fight issues such as insomnia and lack of appetite. It grows well indoors since its short flowering period and high yields make it more than a feasible option under grow lights. Outdoors, this plant needs warm or hot weather in order to achieve maximum yields, which can be around 800g per plant, ready for harvest around September.

Lemon Skunk is one of DNA Genetics most renowned and delicious strains that comes from a pungent crossbreed between Skunk strains. One of the Skunk's involved was a lemon-flavored phenotype that comes from a selection grown in Las Vegas, whereas the other one was directly selected by Eddie, the creator and founder of Flying Dutchmen. The result was a fast flowering strain, resistant in any growing media and conditions, making for top-quality yields. Its flavor is its most remarkable feature and it's usually sold-out. So, if you want this particular strain you'll have to check its availability first. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoors, it will grow tall and elongated, concentrating yield around its central stem and the tips of the branches. Outdoors, it will create classic Skunk plants; make sure not to plant it too early in cold climates.

DNA Genetics Seed Discounts

So, if you are looking for award-winning strains, you can find them here in our DNA Genetics catalogue. You'll be able to purchase these strains at amazing prices since we have permanent discounts on all seeds. Read our detailed reviews and descriptions and make an informed choice now.