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Seedmakers Auto

Seedmakers Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds by Seedmakers

Seedmakers is a legendary bank in the world of cannabis and has established itself as one of the 5 banks with the best quality/price ratio. Their catalog includes a great variety of fantastic strains, which have been chosen and worked on over the last 20 years in both Europe and America. Thanks to them you'll be able to enjoy their feminized seasonal seeds or their wonderful autoflowering strains at very affordable prices. Their autoflowering strains are a real delicacy; their sticky buds, fulls of trichomes, will release their incredible aroma wherever you go - not the most discreet...

Seedmakers Best Strains

Their selection includes amazing strains such as Low Dwarf, Auto Critical, Auto Blue... They are all automatic strains that will be ready for harvest just 9 weeks after germination. They are vigorous and produce large buds and intoxicating scents.

They also have larger strains such as Auto Max that can reach almost 1m. It has a huge central stem and will take the same time as the other to be ripe.

Our favorite strains for small areas

When it comes to growers' favorite strains, due to its old-school genes, we should mention Auto Blue. Since it comes from a Blueberry crossed with a Rudelaris it doesn't grow too big. However, its dense and resinous buds with fruity scents will remind you of wildberries. It will fill your mouth with a sugary taste while leaving an aftertaste of blueberry. It will be ready for harvest just 55 days after germination. Undoubtedly, a great choice along with the also very demanded Low Dwarf.

Low Dwarf is also very sought-after by experienced smokers. Its genes, a combination of 2 Rudelaris Connoisseur, makes for a plant that can easily grow up to 0.8m tall. You'll appreciate its robust structure and many lateral branches, with interesting yields of 50g per plant under the right growing conditions. Indoors, you'll see by yourself that they can grow beyond 1m tall and yield more than 60g per plant. It is therefore an ideal strain fplant 9 plants per m2. It will yield wonderful and shiny buds that will be ready for harvest only 65 days after sprouting.

Classic, conserved autoflowering strains

Another great selection feat is Auto Critical. A crossbred of Bid Bud with Skunk so that it acquires more stability and vigor. Recognized as one of the best strains in the bank thanks to its great characteristics all grower will appreciate. Besides, it has a sugary taste, very "critical", inherited from its parental side.

All the strains of this bank are available in our website at a very affordable price so that all growers can enjoy them. Take advantage of the permanent discounts we have on the seeds of Seedmakers.