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ACE Seeds Regular

ACE Seeds Regular Cannabis Strains

Ace Seeds - Regular Cannabis Strains

Ace Seeds is a seed bank known for having the best sativas on the market or, at least, the largest collection of sativa strains. You'll be able to choose one according to your taste, preferred color or growing environment since they will all give amazing results if grown properly. With regular seeds you'll be able to get more powerful plants, even if it means you'll also get males. They are designed to be the best. You'll be able to make your own selection of mother plants or make your own crosses to create your very own unique strain.

What strains does ACE Seeds

Bangi Haze Regular Seeds

Ace Seeds has many famous strains such as Bangi Haze, a strain capable of putting up with the worst climates. It is an ideal strain for areas with high humidity or very cold places where other strains don't work out or end up rotting. Indoors, it leads to long plants that look like a mini cypress tree, which makes it ideal for setting 9 plants per lamp and square meter. Outdoors, you can get large specimens from which you can get up to 750g. If you decide to grow mother plants, you'll have an intensely fungi-resistant plant on your hands. If you tend to have fungi-related problems, this is your chance to start growing without them.

Oldtimer Haze Regular Seeds

If you want a Sativa like old school plants used to be, Oldtimer's Haze will soon become one of your favorite strains. Brought directly from the 70's to our time, we can now enjoy this almost extinct plant, the purple genotype of Haze. It is a very old selection by a British breeder named "Oldtimer" who has kept it alive and kicking all these years. It was one of the first crosses among sativas and in the 80's it was close to disappearing with the introduction of indicas and Skunks. Now you can relive the feelings brought up by this strain or use it to create new strains. It has a very strong psychoactive effect, totally cerebral. You will feel excitement and joy from the first drags which will put a smile on your face. With a very long flowering period and low yields it is grown for its effects and singularity.

Pakistan Chitral Kush Seeds

You can also find indica strains such as Pakistan Chitral Kush, a 100% indica from the Hindu Kush mountains. With it we will get low and compact plants, with a fast flowering and abundant resin production. It tastes like sweet and fruity hash, and has a relaxing and narcotic effect, ideal for the last joint of the night or to fight pain and insomnia. Indoors, it has a very fast flowering period which makes it ideal for commercial growers. It only takes 55-65 days fto flower. If you choose a fast mother plant, you'll be able to have many harvests per year. Outdoors, it leads to plants that adapt to any climate. However, the higher the temperatures, the better they will grow. Plants are very resistant to fungi so, even if the rains of late summer catch you, your plants won't rot or suffer from mildew in the cold nights.

High Quality Regular Seeds

If you want maximum quality seeds and above all, pure strains, ACE Seeds regular format has a strain for you. Get guidance by reading our reviews and detailed descriptions. In our website you will find all of ACE Seeds' strains at the best price, thanks to our permanent discounts.