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00 Seeds Bank Auto

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00 Seeds Bank Auto

00 Seeds Bank - Autoflowering Seeds

00 Seeds Autoflowering Seed Bank

00 Seeds Bank is a feminized seed bank that creates indica strains and their respective autoflowering versions. Autoflowering strains are made by crossing Ruderalis with high yielding and aromatic strains until they’ve been fully stabilized, making for excellent results in both indoor and outdoor grows. Thanks to these new strains, you can grow some of the best buds you’ve ever seen in record times. Discover the delicious flavors that the breeders at 00 Seeds Bank have created. Here’s just a few of their amazing autoflowering strains.

Fast, productive autoflowering strains

Auto Northern Lights is a well-known strain that many different seed banks offer. Its super-fast flowering period allows you to grow thick, aromatic buds in no time. It grows extremely strong under grow lights in 18L flowerpots, producing up to 250g per square meter with the right care. Outdoors this strain doesn’t grow too much, making it perfect for guerrilla grows. It-s ready in just 60 days after germination, so we recommend not transplanting it. You can harvest up to 150g per outdoor plant.

World Renowned Autoflowering Strains by 00 Seeds

Auto California Kush is a strain with a characteristic incensed aroma. This autoflowering plant can be planted at almost any time of year, assuming it gets a decent amount of direct sunlight. We recommend using greenhouse in humid or cold areas. Due to its extremely fast life-cycle, we also recommend planting them straight into their final pot, with no transplants necessary. This will avoid any sort of stress, which could cause your plant to stop growing and thus, decrease yield significantly. In the right weather conditions, you can get up to 180g per plant. Indoors you should place around 9 plants in 18L flowerpots, producing extra resinous, top quality flowers – up to 300g per square meter when professionally done.

Auto Afghan Mass is one of this bank’s most productive autoflowering strains, as its strong build allows it to hold the weight of its enormous central cola of thick, resinous buds. Indoors we recommend placing four plants in 18L pots in order to get the best results. You can get up to 350g per square meter indoors. Outdoors we recommend finding the perfect spot for your plants in order to get the most sun, and therefore the most buds possible – you’ll be rewarded with up to 150g of pungent buds per plant.

High Quality, Potent Autoflowering Seeds

If you choose to acquire your autoflowering seeds from 00 Seeds Bank, you’re guaranteed top quality results. Thanks to their experience in autoflowering genes, their strains are extremely well made and have plenty of power to them. You’ll be able to grow fantastic, resinous buds in just 60 total days. Pick your favorite strain and grow your own buds – it’s that easy!