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Ionic Products

Ionic fertilizers and solutions for cannabis

Ionic is a nutrient brand for plants by Growth Technology, a British company, that has designed a plant feeding system that contains large essential molecules for correct plant growth. This formula, unlike others, gives your plants the correct and balanced amount of nutrients that are absorbed almost straight away. Ionic has spent a lot of time working rigorously in order to use the purest most stable minerals in their products.

Ionic’s Formulex is a potent root stimulant that helps your plants’ root structure to grow enormously, allowing them to absorb more nutrients in the future. Extra root growth always means extra plant growth and more feeding – it can be used from day one and you’ll be able to see clear results within a few days.

One of their star products is SMC Spidermite Control, which keeps pests such as spiders and horrible red spider mites away from your plants. This natural product has been certified for use and is environmentally friendly – it can even be sprayed on your plants during the flowering period if needed. You’ll need to spray both the flowers and the stems in order to make sure that it works. It contains natural, ecological oil-based ingredients.

Ionic has their very own starter kits too, so that you can grow your plants from start to finish. They have four different packs, one for each growing medium: Soil, Hydro (Soft & Hard water) and Coco Coir. Ionic has an incredibly wide range of products for each and every phase that your plants go through. Each pack has five products specific for each phase. Let’s have a look at the Soil Starter pack; it comes with a Grow and Bloom base fertilizer and Formulex in order to successfully root your plants. Nitrozyme is a potent growth stimulant that’s made essentially out of algae. Lastly, PK Boost is used during the fattening period – you’ll see some pretty amazing results after a couple of weeks, which is when you should flush the roots and harvest.

Growth Technology has been around since 1985, developing innovative products. They have a wide range of nutrients and additives, increasing flower size all over the world.