GrowMax Water Products

GrowMax Water Products

GrowMax is a company devoted to improve the quality of water with their filters and devices. GrowMax lets you irrigate your crops with the best quality water.

GrowMax offers several products to the public: water filters, reverse osmosis systems, some models of water pumps, buoys...all with the corresponding spare parts. Grow ax water filters eliminate up to 99% of herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and volatile pollutants. They consist of a carbon filter (supposedly organic), made of coconut fiber, which features absorption capacity superior to many other materials.

It is recommended for organic crops, both indoors and outdoors. The quality of water has an effect on the roots which can become healthier and improve nutrient uptake since clogging due to salt accumulation is avoided. Thanks to GrowMax, the water's Ec will be next to 0, which lets you add nutrients in the desired proportions to meet the needs of the plants at that precise moment.

GrowMax Types of Filters

The brand offers several types of filter. The basic one is 5 micra and inhibits the pass of chlorine, soil, sediments, herbicides and pesticides, along with other pollutants. Although this is a great product, GrowMax team have surpassed themselves to provide filters which are even better.

Indeed, osmosis filters by GrowMax provide us with salt free water. They can remove 100% of the mineral salts in the water, bringing Ec values down to almost 0.0. Not only do they remove salts, but they also remove the same substances their "lower range cousins" do, ie. chlorine, soil, sediments, herbicides, pesticides, oils, several volatile pollutants. Unlike the other filters, osmosis filters also stop nitrates and nitrites. 

Reverse osmosis filters come with a water pump (up to 20 L/hr). With waters where the concentration of salts is 500 ppm, filters have a lifespan of 6 months approx. Obviously, this depends on the amount of water they have to filter.

The advantage of using water that has undergone an osmosis process is lets us add the exact amount of salts needed by the plant at any given moment. Sometimes, depending on where we live, base water might present values of 900 mS, which means it is really "hard" (good for the vegetative stage) but which can be counterproductive by causing a jam at radicular level. Thanks to GrowMax, you can bring Ec to 0.0 and then add the exact amount of calcium and magnesium you want, bringing Ec up to 0.4. From that point on, just keep on adding whatever products are necessary for the current stage, your type of plant and your growing system.

Many people still believe that distilled water implies pH doesn't need to be checked. The truth is pH needs to be permanently checked since the lack of salts makes pH vary very quickly (it is somehow, more sensitive to the products you use). Indeed, a few drops of pH reducer might be enough to get the result for which we used to need a lot of product. Thanks to this type of product we'll save money and our plants will look healthier and more vigorous. They will develop and bloom amazingly and nutritional deficiencies will be prevented. This is why using a GrowMax filter is virtually a must.

Finally, the company also offers spare parts, filters and a UV ray bulb that keeps fungi and viruses away. This last one helps to sterilize water and avoid pathogenic agents, contributing to the general well-being of plants. In the end, this will lead to a fine quality and heavy harvest.

In short, if you want to supply top quality water to your plants, you need ti use GrowMax products.