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Piece Maker Products

Piece Maker - Silicone Smoking Paraphernalia

Piece Maker is an innovative US company that makes cannabis paraphernalia – they’re known for making bongs, pipes, ashtrays and mouthpieces entirely out of food-grade silicone. You’ll be able to easily and safely consume your cannabis without sacrificing quality.

Over at Piece Maker they’re constantly trying to innovate and produce practical and innovative products, staying at the top of the market in the United States. They have an incredibly large range of bongs, pipes and various different tools that’ll make your life much easier when it comes to smoking and consuming cannabis, BHO and extracts.

There are many advantages when it comes to using food-grade silicone when compared to normal glass-blown pipes – the best difference is that silicone items are practically indestructible, heat-resistant and easy to clean. You can hand-clean them easily with any kind of soap or even clean them in your dishwasher without breakage of any kind. These products are made to last a lifetime.

You can find all Piece Maker products on our page, such as the Kwiki portable pipes, which are small and can be carried around and used pretty much anywhere you want. We also have small Karma pipes and average-sized Kazili pipes, both easy to transport and available in various colors, as well as the Konjurer pipe that looks like Gandalf’s pipe from LOTR. They also sell ashtrays known as Kashed – they come in various colors and some of them even glow in the dark. We also have two bong models; the 23cm Kolt and the 27cm Kermit, also available in various glow in the dark colors. For those that are more inclined to smoking extracts, we also have a BHO Kube, a beautiful compact water-pipe in the shape of a cube.