CloudV is a US company that started out in California in 2012. They’re fully specialized in designing and making portable, electronic vaporizers. Their products are considered high-end due to their amazing qualities and performance, as well as their detailed designs. After just a few years they’ve won many prizes with their high-end devices. CloudV’s mission is to design devices that are compact yet still highly efficient.

They have a varying range of vaporizers that vary in price and complexity, perfect for everyone’s budget. Their best creation to date is CloudV F17, a small vaporizer that’s highly efficient. It’s just 10cm long, allowing you to carry it around with you anywhere you go.

Another option is their medium-range. It’s slightly larger in shape but more affordable and practical. Its larger size and casing keeps the outside of it nice and cool when it’s heating up, an option many vapes don’t usually have.

The materials used to make CloudV vaporizers go through quality control in order to ensure the best performance possible. CloudV considers that their vaporizers are an investment in your future thanks to their durability. They’re all charged via a USB port, and will last for around 3-4h per charge. Get yourself one of these high-end vaporizers and learn what CloudV is all about.