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Agrolite Products

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Agrolite is a company specialized in professional indoor lighting for agricultural purposes, and in this case, for cannabis. They have quite a wide range of lights in different wattages and spectrums, offering quality lighting at affordable prices.

Light is one of the most important factor when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. You’ll need to have adequate lighting in order to guarantee successful plants and plenty of flowers. If your lighting isn’t good enough, your plants won’t grow or flower and you’ll still be spending extra money on electricity.

Agrolite works with various different types of devices. At we have their best HPS and MH lights and ballasts, all available in various different strengths and spectrums, meeting every growers’ needs. We know that every grower has their own preferences and each grower has a specific amount of space in mind, which is why Agrolite is perfect; they have quite a wide range of products and options.

We’ve designed various different kits that can help you save both time and money, getting everything you need to grow your plants in the one spot. Our Agrolite Class 2 400 and 600w kits are doing incredibly well. Have a look at our catalogue and choose your preferred kit, each with their own reflector options.

If you already have everything but the bulk and you’re not looking to spend much, we’d love to recommend the Agrolite SHP mixed bulb; it’s perfect for simple set-ups. It covers both the growth and flowering periods, so it’s perfect for beginners looking to get their foot in the door when it comes to growing cannabis, getting decent yields in the process.

It’s quite important to mention that all of Agrolite’s bulbs and ballasts are energy efficient, which is handy for lower electricity bills without needing to grow less plants.