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Cli-Mate Controller Products

Cli-Mate - Indoor Temperature Controllers

Cli-Mate is a Dutch brand that designs temperature controllers for indoor growers. They have quite a large range of products with which you can control your indoor climate. Their products are considered quite high-end, both when it comes wot the end product as well as putting it together. Cli-Mate is now one of the top brands in Europe.

The Cli-Mate factory is stocked with high tech machinery in order to automate the process, which is still controlled by their large staff. We’d love to go see their factory one day. All of their devices go through a strict quality control process in order to guarantee strong materials and trustworthy devices. Our customers absolutely love Cli-Mates professional stance on quality control, making their products quite a solid investment.

Twin Controller by Cli-Mate is one of their best products when it comes to price/quality. This product is incredibly efficient and intuitive to use. You can connect it to your extractor fans so that it takes control of the strength of the fans, which can be used to increase or decrease the temperature in your grow room. It can also adjust negative pressure in order to change the strength of your extraction system, making sure that your anti-odor system is working perfectly. We highly recommend using it alongside a timer so that it can work automatically if needed.

If you’re looking for a more complete product, Cli-Mate also has the amazing Multi-Controller, which allows you to work in larger grow rooms or even two separate grow rooms at once. It has 4 different plugs which makes it excellent if you plan on separating two grow rooms or have a large grow room. You’ll be able to easily control the temperature and humidity of your grow room thanks to Cli-Mate’s multi-controller.

Cli-Mate products go through a vigorous quality control process that follows all of the strict EU laws regarding technical details, consumption, health and safety. Cli-Mate is highly invested in satisfying their customers for years to come.