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Skull Bong Skull Bong
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Skull Bong

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Selection of Bongs for smoking marijuana

Bongs for smoking marijuana and hash in the best possible way, without paper and filtering the smoke through water. You'll find a wide selection of bong models, both glass and acrylic ones, so that you can find the model that suits your taste. Until recently these items were quite expensive but in our catalogue you will find bongs of all prices and designs.

When we smoke a joint we absorb just 20% of the cannabinoids contained in the plant but with a Bong we can increase that to 25% since a much bigger quantity of smoke will reach your lungs.

You'll get get a good smoking experience without using tobacco or paper, with a clean and fresh smoke.

Big smokers will enjoy our Large bongs; have a great smoke alone or with someone else. There are different models of bong from 45cm to 51cm. A good amount of smoke will stay inside your body, since the amount of smoke that gets to your lungs is considerably bigger than what you get with smaller bongs. Besides, they look very nice as decorative items since they feature flashy designs and motives.

There are small and medium bongs for daily and individual use, so you don't have to carry around your big bong. Bongs like the medium one (15 cm) usually come with a big bowl and are ideal to carry everywhere. Models like the small Bong Fuzion, 20 cm high, will become your best ally for smoking. If you want a big one you can carry around with you, don't worry! We also have the 49.5cm high bong that comes with its own case.

You will also find the newest models, such as the double bowl bong that allows you to smoke two different strains at the same time and mix flavors. Another bong model is the 4-hose, which 4 people can smoke simultaneously.

In our shop you can also find Bongs made out of unique and strange materials, such as Bamboo or Acrylic, featuring new designs.

We keep on adding new models and exclusive designs to our collection so our customers always have access to the best and newest stuff.

Percolator Bongs filters smoke twice, so you get a much fresher smoke in your mouth. Besides, thanks to a transforming kit you'll be able to smoke also BHO in the same bong, in addition to herb.

There are many other medium size bong models from which to choose yours. Each of them features specific motives, designs and characteristics such as the width of the mouthpiece or the bowl size. No matter what you are looking for, whether you want to use it yourself or make a present, you'll find one that matches your needs and taste.

As always, every product comes with a very detailed description showing measurements, material and our opinion with regard to its use, so that you can make a good decision and don't find any problem by the time you get it at home.