Tools and Accessories

  • Ring Tags for Plants

    Ring Tags for Plants

    You can use these tags to identify your plants – once a tag has been placed around the trunk of your plant, it won’t come off, allowing you to keep track of the plants you’re growing regardless of the amount of different strains you have.

  • Etiquetas Picar para Plantas

    Plant Labels

    Labels that you can stick into the soil in your plant pots – designed so that you can write the name of the strain on them in order to know what you’re planting.

  • Pipeta Pasteur Plástica de 3 ml. y de 5 ml.

    Pipette Pasteur

    You can use these droppers to measure the perfect amount of nutrients in your plant’s water – made out of plastic, available in different sizes.

  • Vasos Medidores de varios tamaños en ml.

    Measuring cups

    Stop using 20 droppers in your water and start using measuring cups if you need high doses of fertilizers, making everything faster and more comfortable.

  • Jeringa Desechable
    New! Available

    Disposable Syringe

    These disposable syringes are perfect for dosing out your nutrients or any other type of liquid that you may need to measure out.

  • Bridas negras

    Cable Ties

    Cable ties are used all around the world for pretty much hundreds of purposes. Growers tend to use them to keep accessories or growing tools nice and tight in order to get rid of possible vibration sounds or other issues.

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  • Tutores

    Plastic Stakes

    With these plastic stakes you can easily tie and train the branches on your marijuana plants so they can put up with more weight from the buds.

  • Grapas para sujección de mallas

    Net Clamps

    With these clamps you can safely hold up nets such as camouflage nets for outdoor plants, or anti-thrip nets. Sold in units of one.

  • Bisturí quirúrgico

    Surgical Scalpel with Disposable Blade

    These surgical scalpels are perfect for growers that make a lot of their own clones – no need to use an annoying razor blade anymore.

  • Etiquetas Pincho Para Plantas

    Push-in Plant Labels

    Easily tell your plants apart with these push-in plant labels that are water-resistant and reusable – unless you break them, they’ll last forever.

  • Cinta PVC

    PVC Tape

    With PVC Tape you can easily cover, fix or hold together various elements of your grow. Made out of top quality material, it’s highly resistant and long-lasting.

  • Yoyó tutor para quiar ramas

    Retractable Plant Yoyo

    These plant yoyos can be used to train and guide your plants; it has a hook and a retractable rope so you can tense up the branches and have them in whatever position you need.

  • Regleta homologada Nº10

    Standardized Power Strip Nº10

    This standardized power strip is the one of the most cost-efficient options if you’re looking to connect various electrical devices.

  • Tijera pequeña

    Small Cutters

    Small trimming scissors used to trim your buds on harvesting day, also used to cut small branches when making cuttings; comfortable and practical.

  • Separadores Divider TightVac

    TightVac Dividers

    With the TightVac Dividers you can easily keep four different kinds of weed in the same TightVac hermetically sealed container.

  • Malla scrog a metros

    SCRoG Nets per meter – 1m wide

    With this SCRoG trellis netting you can easily train and bend your plants’ branches – make the absolute most out of your available space.

  • Tijera de Pinza Naranja Hortilab

    Pure Factory Leaf Cutters

    With these cutters you can comfortably trim your plants, making it possible to cut even the most awkwardly-angled leaves.

  • Scalpel/Surgical Blade

    Scalpel/Surgical Blade

    Scalpels can come in handy in precision instances, such as getting cuttings from your mother plants, as it has an extremely clean cut.

  • Malla Anti-Trips e Insectos para marihuana

    Anti-Insect net

    With this handy net you can stop insects from having their way with your grow.

  • Malla de sombreado para cultivo de marihuana

    Shade mesh to grow marihuana

    When growing outdoors, sometimes the heat of the sun can be too much and ends up ruining your plants – with these nets you can easily shade your plants enough without completely removing all sunlight.

  • Bote hermético TightVac Todos los Tamaños

    Hermetically Sealed TightVac Containers

    In these hermetically sealed containers you can easily carry around your weed without having any smell get out. Keep your weed under wraps and in perfect condition with these containers.

  • Poleas Cultibox de Gancho con cuerda

    Pulleys with Hook and Rope – 5kg

    These pulleys have a handy hook to raise or lower your reflector by simply tugging on the included rope; to lower, simply release the break.

  • Llave para garrafas

    Bottle Cap Wrench

    With this plastic bottle cap wrench you can easily and comfortably open and close your bottles of fertilizers.

  • Malla Scrog a Metros 2m. de Ancho

    SCRoG netting by meter - 2m wide

    2m wide trellis netting for SCRoG. It is made of nylon and will let you make longer sections with less effort since it is twice as wide as the original one. Also, fixing points will be reduced by half.

  • Tijera de punta recta Leef Kleen

    Straight Tip Scissors

    With these straight tipped leaf cutters you can easily trim your buds, prune your branches for cuttings or even remove lower branches entirely.

  • Tijeras Punta Curva Pure Factory Manicurar

    Round Tipped Scissors

    Manicuring round point scissors to remove the leaves of buds easily.

  • Pack de 2 Tijeras para Poda Marihuana

    Pruning Shears

    With these pruning shears you can comfortably prune your plants trunk and stems, as well as easily make cuttings.

  • Recambio esquinera armario Standard

    Standard Grow Tent Corner Piece

    These corner pieces for grow tents can break easily; get your replacement corner piece here and get back to using your grow tent.

  • Malla Elásticas Scrog

    SCRoG Elastic Trellis Netting

    Elastic SCRoG netting that can be adjusted for grow tents that measure from 80x80 to 120x120xm in order to train and bend your plants for maximum comfort and yield when growing.

  • Kit Easy Roller (2 unidades) Poleas para reflectores

    Easy Roller Pulley Kit

    With the Easy Roller pulley kit you can easily adjust the height of your reflectors; with just one movement you can lift them up and the pulley will automatically block itself so they don’t come crashing down.

  • 18659 Battery

    18659 Battery

    This 18650 battery is for e-cigarettes and other electric devices, guaranteeing efficiency and durability in any device you use it with.

  • Botes de vidrio

    Air-Tight Pyrex Container

    These air-tight pyrex containers are perfect for professionally storing weed. You even write down the name of the train and percentages just like a dispensary.

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  • Plástico antiagua

    Waterproof Plastic Film

    This waterproof plastic film is handy in situations where you don’t want any excess water getting through onto the ground or getting into wood and causing rot.

  • Brake Pulleys – 68kg

    Brake Pulleys – 68kg

    These Neptune Hydroponics brake pulleys can hold over 30kg each. These tools are perfect for holding up heavy lights, filters or holders for ballasts.

  • Pala Plegable

    Foldable Mini Shovel

    These foldable shovels are perfect for going camping or for getting your gardening chores done in a flash.

  • Botes de vacío Vacuumset

    Vacumax Air-Tight Containers

    Vacuumset hermetically sealed containers by Secret Smoke have a capacity of 600+300ml. One fits inside the other like a Russian Doll, perfect for keeping your harvest in!

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  • Propagador para esquejes

    Growbarato germination kit

    The Germination Kit comes with everything you need to successfully germinate your seeds under the best possible conditions. It also comes with X-Seed by BAC.

  • Base múltiple

    Four-socket Extension Chord

    These four-socket extension cords come with four switches too, allowing you to individually control four different devices or all of them at once with the master switch.

  • Taladro escalonado

    Stepped Drill Bit

    With this drill bit you can easily make drainage holes in your trays and grow tables.

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  • Malla de Ocultación para cultivar marihuana

    Green Camouflage Net

    This green camouflage net can be used to hide your outdoor cannabis grow, making it as discreet as possible.

  • Tutor Ultimate Plant Cage

    Ultimate Plant Cage

    Ultimate Plant Cage is a telescopic plant trainer that is extremely versatile when it comes to shaping your plants.

  • Tijera Samurai Warrior

    Samurai Warrior Pruning Shears

    Samurai Warrior pruning shears have anti-slip handles and stainless steel blades for cutting stems and branches.

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  • Discos Collarin Neopreno 5cm Nutriculture 100 u.

    Neoprene Clone Collars

    100 50mm Neoprene Clone Collars for aeroponic grow systems. You can replace your old collars with these ones.

  • Extintor automático para cultivo interior

    Automatic Fire Extinguisher for Grows

    This automatic fire extinguisher is placed above the ballast in your grow. It’s automatically turned on when it detects flames and it should protect your grow from most of the damage of possible fires.

  • Luxómetro medidor de Lux.

    Benetech Light Meter

    The Benetech light meter is perfect for checking how efficient your grow lamps are and when you need to replace them.

  • Sonómetro

    Benetech Sound Level Meter

    This affordable sound level meter is handy if you’re worried about making too much noise in your indoor growing room, which can annoy the neighbors. Easy to use and highly precise.

  • Luxómetro para medir Lúmens de Lámparas - Medidor Luxes

    Lux Meter

    With this digital lux meter, you can now the exact lux that your plants are getting; affordable and efficient.

  • Discos Collarin Neopreno de Colores 5.5cm Neptune 190 u.

    Colored Neoprene Clone Collars

    Now you can easily tell apart your clones with these multi-colored neoprene collars. Packs of 190 units.

  • Soporte regulable para filtros de Carbón

    Adjustable Stand for Anti-Odor Filters

    Adjustable stand for carbon filters – it can hold filters up to 1.5m long and 100kg in weight.

    This product not available in your country.

  • Alarma para Cultivo de Marihuana GSE

    GSE Grow Room SMS Alarm Monitor

    This alarm is designed for cannabis grows, sending you a message straight to your phone if there’s any movement.

  • Desgranadora de semillas MasterSeeds

    MasterSeeds Seed Shredder

    This MasterSeeds Shredder is made for those who need to separate the seeds from their flowers. All you have to do is place the flowers in the upper compartment and it will quickly separate the seeds in two sizes, small and a big, through the lower compartment.

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  • Tutor Medussa Protect
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    Medussa Protect Multi-ended Garden Stake

    With these Medussa Protect stakes you can give your plants or clones an extra bit of support, allowing them to grow much stronger throughout their life cycle, as it can spend more of its energy on growing.

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  • Germinador Pro
    out of stock

    Germinator Pro

    Germinator Pro is a system that will help you germinate your seeds successfully and step by step.

    5,40 €
  • Extintor bola de fuego
    out of stock

    Fireball extinguisher

    Elide Fire fireball, certainly the safest way to put out any household fire instantly and in a completely safe way.

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Tools and Accessories

In this category you’ll find all of the tools and accessories you need for growing cannabis yourself. You’ll be able to find varied tools that you can use to take care of your precious plants, as well as accessories to make your life comfortable and to make your grow as successful as possible.

There are scissors of all kinds, for trimming, cutting clones, different kind of pruning shears, and extremely strong scissors needed to cut through trunks; the perfect selection so that if you need something, you can find exactly what you need right here.

We also have microscopes that you can use to find pesky insects on your plants, as well as to find out if your plants are ready to be harvested. You’ll be able to check on your plants in detail every single day of their life.

You can purchase all sorts of electronic tools in order to keep your grow in the best possible condition, whether it’s to do with sound, temperature, or lights.

You can buy sound meters for your grow to ensure that your grow isn’t making too much noise. You can also get light meters to measure how strong the light is or a thermometer so that you can know exactly what temperature your grow is at.

You’ll also be able to find stakes and string to train your plants, from typical plastic stakes to stakes with various extendible branches to train all of the branches at once. We also have SCRoG meshes used to increase yield.

We also have safety accessories, such as an alarm with sensors that can help you to know if your grow is flooding, if there’s a fire or even if someone has opened the door to your grow room or grow tent. There are also systems that automatically put out fires in case of accidents.

Whatever tool or accessory you’re looking for, here at GrowBarato we have everything and anything you need to take care of your plants and keep them safe.