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Tools and Accessories

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Tools and Accessories

Cannabis Growing Tools and Accessories

In this category you’ll find all of the tools and accessories you need for growing cannabis yourself. You’ll be able to find varied tools that you can use to take care of your precious plants, as well as accessories to make your life comfortable and to make your grow as successful as possible.

There are scissors of all kinds, for trimming, cutting clones, different kind of pruning shears, and extremely strong scissors needed to cut through trunks; the perfect selection so that if you need something, you can find exactly what you need right here.

We also have microscopes that you can use to find pesky insects on your plants, as well as to find out if your plants are ready to be harvested. You’ll be able to check on your plants in detail every single day of their life.

You can purchase all sorts of electronic tools in order to keep your grow in the best possible condition, whether it’s to do with sound, temperature, or lights.

You can buy sound meters for your grow to ensure that your grow isn’t making too much noise. You can also get light meters to measure how strong the light is or a thermometer so that you can know exactly what temperature your grow is at.

You’ll also be able to find stakes and string to train your plants, from typical plastic stakes to stakes with various extendible branches to train all of the branches at once. We also have SCRoG meshes used to increase yield.

We also have safety accessories, such as an alarm with sensors that can help you to know if your grow is flooding, if there’s a fire or even if someone has opened the door to your grow room or grow tent. There are also systems that automatically put out fires in case of accidents.

Whatever tool or accessory you’re looking for, here at GrowBarato we have everything and anything you need to take care of your plants and keep them safe.