Super Smoker Products

  • Toalitas Bongs
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    Stoned & Clean Wipes 100 pcs.

    Stoned & Clean wipes are perfect for carrying around if you’re into smoking bongs; clean your pipe or bong in no time before and after smoking with these wipes.

  • Bandejas de Liar
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    Super Smoker Rolling Trays

    If you’re looking for an original looking rolling tray with exclusive designs, don’t miss out on these amazing trays designed by world renowned street artists.

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  • Silicone Dab Mat

    Silicone Dab Mat

    Silicone Dab Mats are ideal for handling any type of sticky extract without making a mess.

  • Grinder
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    SuperHerb Safer Grinder

    The three in one SuperHerb Safer Grinder has an incredible design that’ll catch your eye as soon as you see it. It may look a bit large, but trust us when we say you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  • mechero eléctrico con resistencia

    Electric Nammu Lighter

    The Electric Nammu Lighter has quite an original design; it’s electric and it works by heating up a coil. No more refilling or changing the flint.

  • 50mm Izamal 4 Part Metal Weed Grinder

    50mm Izamal 4 Part Metal Weed Grinder

    The Izamal metal weed grinder is a top-notch device that has an innovative design and is practical and light.

  • Bong para fumar de cristal

    Gamma – 30cm Glass Bong

    Gamma is a 30cm glass bong that’s perfect for sharing with some friends and chilling until you can’t chill anymore.

  • Mecheros Eléctricos

    Electric Lighters

    Electric lighters are incredibly handy for lighting your joints or cigarettes without needing to use gas or struggling when lighting up in the wind.

  • Bong de cristal doble percolador

    Aquila – Diffusor & Tornado Perc Bong

    The Aquila is a beautiful bong made out of glass; smoke is twice as filtered thanks to its amazing design plus its diffusor and tornado perc.

  • Pipa bong tamaño grande

    Hydra – Large Weed Bong

    Hydra is a large weed bong that’s 47cm tall. It’s designed to hold quite a lot of smoke, so you’ll need to be quite the master if you want to try and one-hit this beauty.

  • Bong de Cristal 2 cazoletas GC-005

    Super Smoke BHO Bong

    Super Smoke borosilicate bong designed for BHO consumption; its borosilicate nail can put up with extremely high temperatures without releasing any substances that alter the taste of your extraction

  • Pipa de agua para BHO

    Pyxis BHO Dab Rig

    The Pyxis BHO Dab Rig is one of the most comfortable and practical ways to consume BHO efficiently and smoothly.

  • Super Smoker Levitation Base

    Super Smoker Levitation Base

    The Super Smoker levitation device is can be used to display your buds on any other object in one of the most unique ways possible; your friends will be even more impressed.

  • mini bong
    out of stock

    Mini Rig

    The Mini Rig is one of the most peculiar dab rigs around. It’s incredibly small and has an almost alien-like color and design.

    27,00 €
  • Smokus Focus
    out of stock

    Smokus Focus Stash

    Smokus Focus Stash is a portable, airtight, LED light stash container as well as a magnifying glass, allowing you to keep buds as decoration as well as cure them and keep an eye on them at all times.

    45,00 €

Super Smoker is a Spanish company that has made a name for itself when it comes to cannabis paraphernalia. Their innovative designs have been sold all around the world. They recently launched their own range of bongs, bangers, grinders, lighters and stash containers, as well as many other products.

When it comes to bongs, one of our favorites is the 30cm tall Gamma bong. It’s the perfect bong for smoking with a few friends, and its classic design makes it perfect for parties although it’s not the best bong to be carrying around. It has special slots on the neck for ice-cubes so that you can cool your smoke down much more, making for a more intense and deep weed flavor when smoking.

Super Smoker also has some pretty dope lighters, such as their double-arc electric Nibiru lighter. It’s an incredibly pretty lighter, with two clear visible plasma arcs used to light your joints. It’s also made out of incredibly sturdy materials. The Nibiru lighter works using electrodes that generate the beautiful blue/purple light. It uses a lithium battery, just like many smartphones, and it comes with a USB charger for maximum comfort. Its battery lasts for quite a while, so you won’t need to charge it every day.

One of our favorite items, however, is the Smokus Focus Stash. Two amazing companies got together to make this beautiful device; Super Smoker and Smokus Focus, a renowned US paraphernalia company. This stash is essentially both a way to stash your plants and a way to display your weed. Each bottle has a magnifying glass for a lid and lights on the inside so that you can see the trichomes perfectly. It has beautiful LED lights inside that’ll make it look like your buds are sparkling. It’s super easy to use, and you can charge it using a USB cable too – perfect to display your incredibly resinous strains.

Super Smoker has plenty of products that we haven’t even mentioned; we recommend having a look at their products on our page if you want to be pleasantly surprised. There’s something for everyone! Super Smoker is for those that see weed as a lifestyle rather than a hobby.