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Cannabios Products

Cannabios - CBD Balms & Creams for skin

Cannabios is an English brand that specializes in making cosmetics such as creams and balms with medicinal purposes. All of their pomades and creams have been certified as organic cosmetic products, guaranteeing their high quality. All of their products are made using virgin olive oil, hemp seed oil and hemp extract. All of their products contain beneficial cannabinoids, especially CBD, which is famously known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hemp is known to have positive effects on the skin, capable of treating various different issues such as dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, burns, eczema and many more. This is usually due to its high CBD content. It has been proven that CBD creams can be used to get rid of pain and regenerate muscle tissue. Cannabios insists that their process involves all natural and organic processes that respect the environment.

Like all creams and pomades, these products are only apt for topical use. We highly recommend using them daily in order to observe results and improve your immune system. Their Cannabios Balm comes in various different aromas, and its continuous use on skin, especially the face, can help to get rid of wrinkles. It can also be used to treat dry skin, scars and stretch marks.

Scientists at Cannabios went one step further, designing products for young kids as well as people with sensitive skin. Their Baby Balm can regenerate delicate baby skin which is incredibly handy, as toddlers are always bumping into stuff. They also have a balm for sensitive skin, which can hydrate skin and accelerate rapid cell regrowth thanks to its calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

Cannabios is proud of the hard work that they’re doing, giving the world an alternative way to treat skin issues with all natural products. CBD is the main ingredient in their products for a reason. Their products do not contain any THC, which makes these products fully non-psychoactive. Try them out for yourself!