Spare LEC bulbs

Spare LEC bulbs

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Philips Products

Philips Products

Philips is a Dutch company that is known all around the world for their household products, as well as tech and health products. This massive company works on various different levels; from televisions to lightbulbs. They currently have over 73.000 employees and are present in over 100 countries – it’s definitely the biggest company in the sector, and their products are guaranteed to give you exactly what you need.

Of course, the products that we’re interested in are their indoor growing lights, which they have clearly put a lot of thought into. These lights are dynamic and help growers to maintain a constant yield all year long. They have some of the most technologically advanced buds due to the fact that they’ve been working for over 75 years to perfect them.

Their discharge bulbs come in models that are specific for each growth phase; we have their HPI Growth bulb and their SON-T PIA Plus Flowering bulbs, for the growth and flowering periods respectively. They’re perfect if you’re looking for good performance & no complications; we highly recommend using their Green Power mixed spectrum bulb, which is perfect for both periods, both growth and bloom.

We have various models of their bulbs in our catalogue, allowing you to improve your yield while using some incredibly efficient, reliable and durable bulbs. Choose the one that works best with your ballast and lighting kit. Their Green Power Mixed Spectrum bulb is perfect if you don’t want to have to change your bulb for the flowering period. The light that it emits is incredibly similar to summer light, making it perfect for cannabis. They also have a flowering specific bulb called the SON-T Plus flowering bulb, which gives pretty amazing results if you want to go down an even more professional route.

After so many years of experience, if anyone has gotten it right, it’s definitely Philips; treat your plants. You’re guaranteed to improve yield and general quality of your plants; quality light makes for large, quality flowers as long as you keep the right parameters in your grow tent.