ONA Products

  • ONA Spray - Ambientador Neutralizador de Olores ONA

    ONA Spray

    With ONA spray you will not have any odor-related problems in given locations. Just spray a bit of ONA air freshener to neutralize all odors.

  • Available

    ONA Block

    This product has been designed to eradicate odors, such as petrol in the industrial sector. Eventually, it has become a sort of cannonical freshener for fighting cannabis odors.

  • ONA Mist Eliminador - Neutralizador de Olores

    ONA Mist Odor Neutralizer

    ONA Mist is a neutralizing air freshener similar to the ONA Spray products that we have.

  • ONA Gel - Ambientador Neutralizador de Olores

    ONA Gel

    ONA Gel can be used to get rid of bad smells wherever you need by simply opening the container up and setting it down to work.

  • ONA Mist Dispenser

    ONA Mist Dispenser

    Get rid of any odors and smells by simply installing the ONA Mist dispenser with a timer that works automatically.

  • Tubo con rejilla para ONA Block - Adaptador para tubo ONA Block

    ONA Block Duct Adapter

    Attach this adapter to your extraction duct, allowing you to easily place your ONA Block – when air flows through, any odors will be neutralized.

  • ONA Dispenser Breeze Fan - Dispensador de ONA Gel 4 L.

    ONA Dispenser Breeze Fan

    The ONA Dispenser Breeze Fan allows you to easily circulate a 4L tub of ONA gel. Can fit rooms of up to 150 square meters.

  • ONA Cyclone

    ONA Cyclone

    This device gets rid of odors from large growing or cannabis drying areas – it uses ONA Gel in its 20L bucket format.

  • ONA Dispenser Odor Stop Fan

    ONA Dispenser Odor Stop Fan

    The ONA OdorStop is designed to give growers more control over the odors in their grow rooms.

ONA Products

ONA (Odor Neutralizing Agent) products are used to get rid of bad odors – or good odors, like cannabis! They started off in Canada near the west coast. They’ve been innovating since 1995 now, starting off by selling their products to hydroponic industries and have been successful ever since. ONA products can keep extreme odors under control, making them perfect for hiding aromas that come from your indoor cannabis plants.

The science behind ONA products is that they are created from complex formulas, mixing a variety of chemical elements and different ingredients. 25 years ago, scientists began to see the influence that terpenes can have when released into the air. ONA products are fully safe for the environment and eco-friendly. All of their products go through rigorous testing and quality control before being put on the market.

One of our favorite products is their ONA Gel, which works perfectly and is incredibly simple to use. If you combine its efficiency with its ease of use, it’s the absolute perfect product and does exactly what it’s supposed to. You can use it whenever and wherever, during the growth and flowering period – even when you’re drying your plants. If you want to use it simply to keep your house from smelling like smoke if you’re a stoner, that’s perfectly fine too. All you have to do is open it up and set it down in whatever room you want to de-odor. It’ll begin evaporating slowly, capable of lasting quite a long time.

ONA also comes in a Spray format so that you can get almost instantaneous results wherever you need – perfect for emergencies. The ONA Mist Dispenser is also an amazing product, alongside the ONA Mist refills. This dispenser is super easy to use; it has a timer that lets out mist periodically. It has three different settings; 7.5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes. If you live in an apartment, this dispenser is great for beside the front door, avoiding any cannabis aromas getting out to the hall or stairwell.

We recommend getting some ONA products if you grow indoors and have neighbors nearby – it’s better to be safe than sorry, all it takes is one call to the police and you’re done. Grow responsibly and hide any intense cannabis aromas.