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Secret Smoker | Professional BHO equipment

Secret Smoke is a company that specializes in making products and accessories for BHO extracts. Over the past few years they’ve managed to make quite a name for themselves, innovating quite a lot by creating a range of products made out of silicone. This material is ideal for working with sticky extracts or other delicate substances – nothing sticks to it and it’s super easy to clean.

Secret Smoke has an incredibly wide range of various products, from borosilicate bongs and pipes to machinery for making your own extracts. One of their most sold products is their Secret Icer washer kit. This washer allows you to easily make your own hash. It’s incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is use distilled water at around 2 degrees Celsius and start the process.

If you’re just getting into extracts and you’d like to start making more professional materials, we highly recommend getting their 5 ton hydraulic Resin process. It’s super easy to use and produces larger yields – you can get up to 80% extract from your entire harvest, making the absolute most out of your plants. It works by applying pressure and heat to your weed, resulting in a delicious extract due to having extracted most of the terpenes too. You also don’t need to use any sort of toxic ingredients such as alcohol or gas.

Their most popular products are products such as their BHO Rigs, which are a great way to comfortably vape your resin extracts. They come available in different models and sizes, from small 16cm bongs to larger 35cm bongs. If you decide to get a large one, you’ll be able to tell exactly how potent your BHO is.

When it comes to their special silicone products, they have incredibly practical products such as silicone boxes, which are perfect for moving around with your BHO without it getting stuck to anything. Another amazing product is their portable silicone bong. This bong comes in various models and they’re practically fool-proof. Thanks to being made out of silicone, they won’t break if you drop them. You can bring them camping if you want to and not worry about any cracks or bumps. They are 20cm tall once fully opened – super practical and light.

Secret Smoke has quite a wide range of products; from the most simple products to the most complex. They have been working for years to perfect their accessories and various BHO-related products. If I were you, I’d trust in Secret Smoke’s ability to make the entire process of extracting and smoking BHO much easier. You can find all of their products in this category.