Verdamper Products

  • Tubo Conductor vaporizador Reizer Pequeño

    Spare Small Downtube for Reizer Vaporizer

    The downtube is the tube that connects the heater to the filling chamber. It’s suitable for both the small Reizer with or without safety valve.

  • Válvula de seguridad Verdamper

    Spare Safety Valve for Verdamper Vaporizers

    Safety valve for all Verdamper models, with which you’ll ensure that even if you blow inside the vaporizer, the water won’t reach the filling chamber.

  • Tubo distribución de vapor Verdamper

    Spare Downtube for Verdamper Vaporizers

    The Spare Downtube is the one placed on the Verdamper jar to hold the bowl and take the vapor through the water filter.

  • Tubo curvado vaporizador Reizer

    Spare Curved Tube for Reizer Vaporizer

    The curved tube for Verdamper Reizer is the tube that connects to the cork where the inhaler tube fits. It’s curved for the convenience of the user.

  • Tubo inhalador vaporizador Verdamper

    Spare Inhaling Tube for Verdamper Vaporizers

    The Verdamper inhaling tube connects the vaporizer body to your mouth. It’s a long tube so we can puff comfortably, leaving the vaporizer on the table.

  • Transformador Verdamper Recambio

    Spare Power Adapter for Verdamper Vaporizers

    This power adapter converts 220V to 12V so you can use it with your Verdamper vaporizer.

  • Cámara de llenado Verdamper

    Spare Filling Chamber Verdamper Vaporizers

    Spare filling chamber for your Verdamper. You’ll have again the bowl where you place the marijuana that you want to vaporize with your Verdamper vaporizer. 

  • Recambio Cuerpo Verdamper

    Spare Jar for Verdamper Vaporizer

    Spare jar/body for whichever Verdamper vaporizer model you have, since it’s the same for all Verdamper vaporizers.

  • Calentador Verdamper de Repuesto

    Spare Heater for Verdamper Vaporizers

    Spare Heater for your Verdamper, a resistor that works with a 12V transformer to vaporize your marijuana.

  • Vaporizador Verdamper Reizer

    Verdamper Reizer Vaporizer

    The Verdamper Reizer Vaporizer is an economical but efficient version of the Verdamper Deluxe, saving a little on materials but with the same 12V resistor.

  • Vaporizador Verdamper Deluxe Pequeño

    Verdamper Small Deluxe Vaporizer

    Verdamper Small Deluxe vaporizer provides the same benefits as its bigger brother but in a smaller size. It multiplies the effect of your herbs, vaporizing in the cleanest and healthiest way.

  • Vaporizador Verdamper Deluxe Grande

    Verdamper Deluxe Large Vaporizer

    Verdamper Deluxe is a vaporizer with which you’ll be able to vaporize all the cannabinoids in your weed and absorb them in the cleanest and healthiest way, without combustion.

  • Tapón Corcho Verdamper Reizer
    out of stock

    Cork Stopper for Verdamper Reizer Vaporizer

    Spare cork stopper for your Verdamper Reizer.

    9,50 €
Verdamper Products

Verdamper vaporizers are some of the best table-top vapes on the market, and it has been since its release in 1995. These vaporizers are still used in Coffee Shops all over Holland. It’s definitely one of the best vaporizers when it comes to making the most out of your weed. They’re made out of quality materials, with borosilicate and glass parts that fit perfectly together. They have quite a beautiful design too; they efficiently cool down the vapor from your weed so that when you inhale it, it’s perfectly cool and you can taste every last drop. Even though it’s been around for decades, it’s still one of the most used vaporizers – it’s almost impossible to beat this classic!

Their most famous model is the Verdamper De Luxe, which looks kind of like a giant bong. It comes in various different pieces, which is why we stock various accessories and spare parts in case they are needed. There are two different sizes, small and large. All of the spare parts such as the chamber and coil can fit both models. These vaporizers are not the most expensive models around, but once you’ve gotten yourself one you will definitely not regret it. These quality vaporizers are worth the price.

Verdamper has also developed a more affordable model called the Verdamper Reizer, which has the same heating and vaping system as the De Luxe model, but it’s much smaller and more simple. It’s a great option for those that want to get their hands on a quality Verdamper vaporizer for the first time; although it’s not as advanced as other models, it produces incredibly similar and potent results.

These vaporizers are incredibly efficient and make the most of your weed. The effect produced is more potent, cleaner and makes the most out of every last drop. It’s definitely worth it to spend a bit extra in order to get your hands on a Verdamper vaporizer – these devices are perfect for getting intense highs or for patients that consume cannabis medicinally. One of the healthiest, best ways to consume cannabinoids!