Neptune Hydroponics Products

  • Plastico Reflectante B/N Neptune Grueso

    Thick Black and White Neptune Reflective Sheeting

    Line the walls of your grow room with reflective Neptune Black and White sheet material. Very thick and hard, it will make light bounce and go back to your plants.

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  • Plastico Reflectante Diamond Eco

    Diamond Eco Reflective Sheeting

    Diamond Eco Reflective Sheeting will help you redirect light from the walls to the sides of your plants.

  • Plastico Reflectante Mylar Diamante

    Mylar Diamond Reflective Sheeting.

    If you want your cultivation to be undetectable by thermal cameras and get your plants to develop much better, choose Mylar Diamond reflective sheeting.

  • Kit Easy Roller (2 unidades) Poleas para reflectores

    Easy Roller Pulley Kit

    With the Easy Roller pulley kit you can easily adjust the height of your reflectors; with just one movement you can lift them up and the pulley will automatically block itself so they don’t come crashing down.

  • Bomba Sumergible Neptune hydroponics

    Neptune H. Submersible Water Pump

    Water your plants or keep your hydro system alive with the Submersible Water Pump by Neptune. It can be submerged up to 2m.

  • Cable de Calor Neptune Hydroponics

    Neptune Hydroponics Propagation Heat Cable

    These heating cables are perfect for plants and clones. Place them under your propagator or in between your germinating seeds to stimulate early root growth.

  • Humidificador por ultrasonidos

    Ultrasonic Humidifier (1, 3 or 9 membranes)

    This ultrasonic humidifier is used to increase humidity in your growing area without increasing the temperature. Easy to install; plug it in, turn it on and place it in a container with water.

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  • Propagador con Calefacción Neptune

    Propagador with Heater by Neptune

    Hard plastic propagator with heater by Neptune Hydroponics. It is ideal to root marijuana cuttings. The heater will let you keep the optimum temperature at the radicular area for your cuttings to root or your seeds to sprout.

  • Manta de calor Neptune Hydroponics

    Neptune Hydroponics Heating Pad

    The Neptune Hydroponics heating pad is perfect for keeping the temperature balanced in your clone propagator; it can also be used for germinating seeds.


    DWC Pot

    The DWC Pot by Neptune Hydroponics is a hydroponic system that has a water pump used to slash your plants’ roots with water, giving them a perfect balance of water and oxygen which allows for massive roots to grow.

  • Filtro Aquaclear 30 Neptune

    Aquaclear 30 Filter

    The Aquaclear filter by Hydroponics oxygenates your plants water, filtering and providing your plants’ roots with beneficial micro-organisms.

  • Plastico Reflectante Aislante Térmico

    Insulating reflective sheeting

    If we want be undetectable by thermal cameras, we'll have to line the walls and ceiling of our grow room with insulating reflective sheeting. Stop worrying about being discovered!

    This product not available in your country.

  • Discos Collarin Neopreno de Colores 5.5cm Neptune 190 u.

    Colored Neoprene Clone Collars

    Now you can easily tell apart your clones with these multi-colored neoprene collars. Packs of 190 units.

  • Humidificador por ultrasonidos 5 membranas

    5 Head Ultrasonic Humidifier

    This 5 Head Ultrasonic Humidifier kit includes a humidifier, floater, key and ceramic replacement disk.

  • Kit Armario Light M

    Light Grow Tent Kit M

    With this medium-sized Light grow tent, you’ll be able to give your plants the perfect micro-climate that they need, resulting in large yields in the comfort of your very own home.

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  • Medidor Ph Gotas Neptune Hydroponics
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    Ph-testing drops by Neptune Hydroponics

    Ph-testing drops by Neptune Hydroponics. They let you measure the acidity of your irrigation water and adjust it accordingly, to supply your plants quality water.

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Neptune Hydroponics Products

Neptune Hydroponics is known for their professional and efficient accessories for cannabis growing. Their products, the best of which is their hydroponic system, stand out thanks to their versatility; they have products designed for both seedlings and clones. Their star product is probably their 25L DWC Pot.

The Neptune Hydroponics’ 25L DWC Pot is a hydroponic system that works a little different to others; it has a pump that bubbles water so that the bubbles pop and splash your plants’ roots, giving them an amazing water to oxygen ratio that increases ratio growth. This system works amazingly, giving your plants a constant supply of nutrients during their entire life cycle, and keeping them out of direct water contact will stop them from rotting, too.

They have a wide range of different accessories too, which is why they are known for being such a diverse company. They currently sell various different reflective materials for the inside of grow tents, such as Diamond Eco and Mylar Diamante, which can reflect up to 90% light. They also sell a lot of thermal insulating materials that can help you to keep your indoor grow safe from any sort of heat sensors from outside.

Another one of their amazing systems is their submergible pump, which can go about 2 meters under water and still work perfectly. You can choose between six different pumps, each with different characteristics and made for different purposes and sized-rooms. These submergible pumps are perfect for large hydroponic systems.

Neptune Hydroponics is your new best friend if you’re thinking about starting to grow cannabis hydroponically – they have everything you could possibly need, humidifiers, water filters, products for growing clones, products to modify temperature and many more. We highly recommend taking a look at their catalogue!