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Can Filters Products

Can Filters (Carbon Filters) Products

Can-Filters is a Canadian company that specialize in making anti-odor carbon filters. They started back in the 80s, when they designed their first filter similar to a can, and it turned out to be perfect for large airflows. Once they saw how efficient their brand new device was, they began marketing it as the Can-Filter.

They stock both metal filters and plastic filters for those that are working on a lower budget. Their plastic anti-odor Can-Filters are made out of incredibly light plastic, which is great for small grow tents that aren’t that strong. They come in different sizes and widths, and can last between 9-12 months. Also, thanks to how light they are, you can also hang them from plaster ceilings.

Their most impressive product and most-sold device is their anti-odor metal Can-Filter. This product can effectively get rid of 99% of bad aromas during a period of up to 18 months, as long as it’s maintained and kept clean.  It’s made out of one of the best active carbons out there, all the way from Australia. They’re super easy to install; for maximum efficiency you’ll need to install it at the highest possible point in your grow room so that it can efficiently filter and clean any aromas from your growing room. The air from your extractor should go through the pores on the Can Filter, coming out fully clean on the other side.

Can-Filters have been used for decades now to filter bad odors of all kinds; as well as cannabis, they’re used in the garbage industry, military housing and many other sectors. They’re sold across three different contents in over 40 different countries – you’re guaranteed trustworthy results and no bad odors thanks to Can-Filters.