Wassertec Products

  • Bolsa de Autoriego 10L

    10L Self Watering Bag

    Self watering bag that distributes water from the reservoir (bad) to 6 tubes, each of them equipped with its own dripper to regulate water flow individually.

  • Programador Riego Automático Wassertech :: Growbarato

    Wassertec Analog Watering Timer

    Wassertec Watering Timer allows you to select how much water is used and for how long is supplied. You can set it to water from 1 minute to 2 hours and for periods of 1 hour to 1 week.

  • Conductímetro ATC Wassertech - Lápiz medidor de Electroconductividad

    Ec - conductivity meter by Wassertech

    Pen type Digital Ec meter. It is ideal to determine the amount of salts contained in irrigation water. Cheap and effective conductivity meter.

  • Sistema de irrigación bomba a pilas Wassertech

    Wassertec Battery-powered irrigation system

    Fantastic Battery-powered automatic irrigation system by Wassertec. It comes with a water pump and the watering timer. Connect the system to a water tank and it will deal with all the watering process.

  • Medidor de pH con Sonda Wassertech

    pH-meter with probe by Wassertec

    pH-meter with probe by Wassertec. It allows for continuous pH measuring of the irrigation solution in your tank.

  • Filtro Osmosis Inversa Wassertech 150-190 L/Dia

    150-190 L/day Wassertec reverse osmosis filter

    150-190 L/day Wassertec reverse osmosis filter. This reverse osmosis filter will remove all salts accumulated in the water, providing quality water to your plants' roots.

  • Filtro Osmosis 5 etapas + deposito presion

    5 stage reverse osmosis filter

    5-stage reverse osmosis filter. It comes with a pressure tank to help achieve the minimal pressure required for the filter to work (2.6 bar).

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  • Medidor para suelo Profesional Ph-Humedad
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    Professional Soil Ph-Moisture Meter

    Soil meter by Wassertec. This device lets us measure pH and moisture by simply introducing the probe in the soil of your pot or root ball if you're growing directly in the ground.

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Wassertec Products

Wassertec is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of products for filtering water, measuring parameters and timing your plants’ watering schedule. This company started around 10 years ago in 2009 all the way over in Singapore. Their products are perfect for being used at home as well as at an industrial level, designed to provide use for all walks of life.

Their prices are slightly higher than normal, although they are definitely worth it, and not everything is over the top – two of their osmosis filters that we have in stock are actually quite underpriced when compared to other devices. Their Inverse Osmosis filters can filter up to an impressive 190L per day. This efficient filter guarantees that your plants can get the exact amount of water that they need, filtering out any accumulated salts or minerals. These devices are designed so that your plants get the best macro and micro-nutrients that they actually need – no salts or residues from anything else.

When it comes to EC and pH meters, Wassertec has proven to be incredibly efficient, offering rapid and precise readings with incredibly affordable items. Their pH meter allows you to continuously measure the pH water in your nutrient solution, and it’s just as easy to calibrate as it is to clean, taking just a couple of seconds.

Their battery-watering system can help you to save quite a lot of time. You can water up to 10 plants at a time without much effort at all both indoors and outdoors. It’s as simple as connecting it to a tank so that it can scoop up the water, set the watering times, and it will take care of watering your plants while you’re not there. All you have to do is make sure that your tank doesn’t empty out fully, and that the battery is properly charged while you’re not there. We also have a much more basic, more manual version of this system called the Autowatering Bag, which can hold up to 10L and water up to 6 plants. Each plant will have its own dripper that you can adjust, too. It’s perfect for growers that don’t have time to spend hours taking care of their plants – fill the bag up with 10L of nutrient solution and away you go.

Wassertec has a wide range of alternative products that can be used to solve lots of different issues. Their affordable automatic watering systems are incredibly efficient and have been used by growers from everywhere. What’s their secret? Time is gold, and Wassertec saves us time and money.