Vents Products

  • Acople reducción plástico

    Plastic Reducer

    Plastic reducer for ventilation ducts and accessories.

  • Extractor en linea

    Inline Extractor Fan

    This inline extractor fan is used to bring more air into your growing room. It can also be used to support UFO extractors with big ducting set-ups.

  • Extractor Dual TT 2 velocidades

    Two-speed Extractor

    Two speed extractor fan for growing cannabis, available in various sizes and airflows. Perfect for small grows or grow tents.

  • Extractor tubular VK

    VK Tubular Extractor

    VK Extractor for ventilating cannabis grows. Choose the perfect model for your grow room or tent from several sizes.

  • Extractor Katrina de Vents

    Vents Katrina Extractor

    The Katrina extractor fan is a silent, potent extractor fan that’s perfect for large growing rooms – Katrina is the extractor for you if you’re looking for power and silence.

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Vents Products

Vents Company is a company that specializes in creating special fans and extraction systems. They began back in the 90s in Ukraine, and they are currently considered one of the leading companies world-wide in this sector. They have sold over 50 million units since starting, and they have over 10.000 products in their catalogue, for both personal and industrial use.

Ventas has made various models of their most-sold products in order to reach the needs of any customer in any climate. They currently have over 60000 square meters in factories and warehouses, and up to 16 warehouses fully authorized to fulfill any orders. This company has over 2000 qualified employees that are experts in the sector.

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, their VK Tubular Extractor is one of our customers’ favorites. Its high performance and accuracy is incredibly efficient, as well as the fact that you can adjust it to run at different speeds, have made it one of the most used extractor fans in growing rooms. They have six different models, allowing you to easily find one that meets your specific needs. They’re all relatively quiet and they have smaller, more affordable models for all sorts of budgets. They are made out of light weight plastics that make them super handy to move around. Also, these devices can be used as both extraction and intraction fans.

If you have a larger growing area, you’ll need to get a larger extractor. Katrina is one of their most potent and also most quiet extraction systems. It has a 5.5cm thick insulation in order to keep it from vibrating, making it one of the most silent systems on the market. Just like the previous model, this one also comes in six different wattages.

Their Inline Extractor is also super handy, allowing you to get new air into your grow and improve air circulation and ventilation. This product is the perfect complement for your main extractor too, keeping your plants extra healthy.

Vents Company is definitely one of the best companies around when it comes to extraction systems in indoor cannabis grows.