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Organik Products

Organik Products

Organik is a Spanish fertilizer brand that produces organic nutrients for cannabis growing. They’re very serious about the environment, which is why their nutrients are all organic. They also have products designed to protect your plants as well as fungi-preventers that are also organic. Organik has their own feeding charts that explain how to easily and efficiently give your plants the best possible feeding schedule.

Their root stimulator gives your plants the best possible base from which to grow upon, creating thick and healthy roots which protect your plant and increase growth thanks to the fact that they’ll be able to absorb more water and nutrients. Crecimiento Grow gives your plants an extra boost of nitrogen, as well as amino acids that speed up plant growth. All you need is around 2-4ml per liter of water.

Their stimulant Floración Bloom causes your plants to flower incredibly, producing many more flowers that’ll eventually need to be fattened out. That’s where PK Plus comes in, fattening them up thanks to its sugars and extra PK.

We’ve had Organik in our catalogue for years now and they have never let us down. All of their products, from germination until your plants’ fattening period, have been tried and proven to work splendidly. They’re highly concentrated so you don’t need to use much product at all. We’re incredibly proud to have this environmentally-friendly and cannabis enthusiast brand on our side, available at amazing prices to our customers only.