Hanna Instruments

  • Líquidos de calibración - Liquidos para calibrar tus medidores

    Calibrating Liquids for meters

    Calibrating liquids to calibrate your measuring instruments accurately.

  • Solucion de limpieza 230 mL para instrumentos de Medida

    Cleaning Solution

    This cleaning solution allows you to clean your measuring instruments, ridding them of any accumulated minerals or lime which tends to happen after a lot of use.

  • Solucion de mantenimiento 230 mL

    Maintenance Solution

    If you store the sensors on your pH and EC meters in this maintenance solution you’ll be able to keep them as accurate as possible for much longer.

  • Test Rápido NPK para suelo 10 Test

    Fast NPK Soil Test (10pcs)

    These fast nutrient tests by Hanna allow you to easily check the pH, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in your plants’ substrate whenever needed.

  • Medidor pH Electrodo

    HI98115 Hanna pH Meter with Replaceable Electrode

    This Hanna pH meter is designed to measure acidity and alkalinity easily. Its probe is screwed on and is incredibly easy to change.

  • Medidor de EC impermeable Hanna

    Waterproof Ec-meter by Hanna

    Waterproof Ec-meter by Hanna. It will let you read the value of contained salts in the nutrient solution.

  • Medidor EC Suelo

    HI98331 Hanna EC Soil Tester

    The Hanna EC Soil Tester is quite a simple tester that’s designed to let you know the EC in your growing medium. You can also replace the probe when necessary.

  • Medidor Impermeable Hanna - Medidor de Ph o de Ec Sumergible

    Waterproof pH-meter by Hanna

    Waterproof pH-meter by Hanna to know the acidity level of irrigation water.

  • Medidor de PH y EC Combi de Hanna (HI98129)

    Medidor de PH y EC Combi de Hanna (HI98130)

    Waterproof meter by Hanna to measure several parameters such as pH, Ec, TDS and temperature with a single device and without fearing water. Model HI98129.

  • Medidor pH Bolsillo

    Hanna HI-98131 Pocket Tester

    The waterproof Hanna HI-98131 pocket tester is a sophisticated, slim device that allows you to measure pH, conductivity, TDS and temperature.

  • Medidor pH Portátil

    HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Meter

    The portable HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Gro Line Meter (pH/EC/TDS/TEMP) is a device designed to allow you to take continuous measurements of the acidity, conductivity, and temperature of your nutrient solution.

Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments is a company that specializes in designing and making electro-chemical, photometric and electrode measuring instruments. They began in Italy in 1978 and since then they’ve been constantly growing – they’re the current leading brand when it comes to analytical instrumentation. Hanna has one of the best R&D departments around, that comes up with incredibly intuitive and simple designs that perform amazingly.

Hanna has dedicated decades to sell the most trustworthy products on the market, guaranteeing that they’ll work perfectly and will keep working for years to come. Our Hanna catalogue contains various different measuring and analytic instruments, some which are specific for EC (electro conductivity) pH, which is acidity, temperature, and other instruments that combine two or more different meters in order to keep readings on your entire indoor set up.

Their waterproof EC meter is a great choice if you grow in either soil or hydroponics. It’s incredibly useful and sturdy; it can take a few whacks and you can get it quite wet without any damage. All of Hanna’s instruments are incredibly easy to clean – all you need to do is wash the meter with a bit of clean, pure water and clean it. We also have other meters such as their pH meter, which is crucial for checking the pH in your nutrient solution when feeding your plants; cannabis plants require a specific pH to absorb certain nutrients.

Hannah’s best products are their Combi meters, especially their pH and EC Combi meter. You need one if you want to reach maximum efficiency when it comes to controlling your cannabis plants’ parameters. This device is also waterproof, allowing you to have total control over the pH and EC in your water almost instantly with just the click of a button. This highly sturdy device can last for years as long as you make sure to clean it after every use.

We also have Hannah’s best measuring instruments; the Multi-parameter Gro Line Hanna Meter, which can take up to four readings at once; pH, EC, temperature and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). This amazing device has a probe that allows you to take instant meters straight from your soil. It’s super easy to use, and it only has two buttons that you need to change the settings. You can also replace or change the probe if you want to measure just one specific parameter – the universal sensor that it comes with allows you to get some incredibly exact readings.

Hanna Instruments has been working for over four decades to give us amazing and innovative designs and devices, keeping in mind that their devices are made to be used quite a lot, so they need to be easy to handle and simple to use. They’re currently active in over 30 countries, and still expanding. All of their products come with a 1 year warranty and the sensors have a 6 month warranty. If you want to start being a bit more professional when it comes to growing cannabis, we highly recommend getting a Hanna device in order to control your parameters down to the last possible detail.