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Gavita Products

Gavita - Pro Indoor Lighting Systems

Gavita Horticultural Lighting is one of the largest companies in the world to specialize in indoor lighting for agricultural purposes. They’re currently active in five different continents, leading many different projects relating to growing in greenhouses. Gavita is one of our main lighting system brands, offering amazing results for indoor cannabis plants.

Gavita provides truly amazing devices when it comes to lights, offering a wide range of diverse models and various different types of light. Gavita Pro Lights guarantee a balanced amount of light for your plants, which improves the amount of light that your cannabis plants can absorb; they have a 96% efficiency rating, which is quite impressive. They’re super easy to tell apart from other brands due to their innovative and optimal design, which is quite different to others. They are the perfect choice for experienced growers that have average or large grows, and need quality lights that are around 600 to 1000w, increasing yield incredibly.

The Gavita Pro E-Series light is even better than the previous light, with plenty of advantages such as power, light spectrum and upkeep. However, their best product is definitely their Gavita Plasma light. This lighting system comes intact, and it produces a balanced and innovative type of light that increases performance by up to 9% in cannabis plants. These types of lights also let off much less heat, so you can move your plants closer to the light without worrying about burning them accidentally – great for small areas.

They also sell ballasts such as their Gavita Digistar Electronic 600w ballast, as well as Gavita pro bulbs and Pro Plus bulbs, all of which are available in various different wattages.

As well as all of the previously mentioned lighting systems, Gavita also sells controllers for the parameters in your grow room, which work perfectly alongside their lighting systems. The ECM1 Gavita Controller allows you to have total control over your lighting, and the Gavita master Controller can be used to control and adjust a lot of different parameters in your grow room such as humidity, ventilation systems, heater, watering systems and CO2 devices, as well as others. Basically, you can automate anything that you need to with the Gavita Master Controller by your side.

Gavita is definitely one of the biggest names in the lighting industry. After so many decades of experience, they’re incredibly reliable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to safely growing some indoor cannabis plants. You’re guaranteed success with Gavita devices.