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Plagron Products

Plagron - Superior Quality Fertilizers

Plagron is a Dutch company that specializes in creating organic and mineral nutrients and substrates. They began back in 1992 with a small worm farm, and over the years they began to grow into an incredibly professional, internationally renowned company. They state that they’re quite a versatile company and have everything from products for amateurs to professional farmers.

They have their own organic and mineral range, offering something for growers from all walks of life. Their most used products when it comes to growing cannabis and getting the best possible results are their organic products due to their amazing results.

Plagron’s products make it much easier to grow cannabis at home. Their green line has a green packaging, easily identifying which products are fully organic, such as Alga Grow and Alga Bloom. Alga Grow causes an explosive growth spurt in your plants without needing to use chemicals. Your plants will begin producing a beautiful, bright green color. On the other hand, Alga Bloom is generally used during the flowering period, increasing potency and flavor.

Their mineral products have pink packaging and their Terra Grow and terra Bloom line is designed to be used with soil only – they do the same as the previous products, although these ones contain mineral ingredients. They also have products that come in orange packaging, which are specifically designed for growing in coco coir, as well as blue products which are designed for plants grown hydroponically.

These four different ranges are designed to meet the needs of all types of growers. Their most extensive range is their purple products, which can be used in any growing medium – keep in mind that they are not organic. They have products for each and every phase, such as Sugar Royal, Power Roots and Pure Zym. Power Roots is used to stimulate your plants’ root system, increasing their size and health in an organic manner, improving growth and creating a sturdy base for the flowering period. Sugar Royal is used to fatten up your flowers during the fattening period, increasing resin yield quite a lot. We highly recommend this last product for those that want to make their own BHO or hash extracts.

Plagron will always have a spot on our shelves. Here at we’ve been working with them for years and recommending their products to our customers daily. You’re guaranteed astonishing results when you use Plagron’s products. You can choose between mineral and organic products, whichever way you want to grow – they have it all.