AutoPot Products

AutoPot Products

AutoPot is a British company that makes some of the most prestigious hydroponic systems in the world. These systems aren’t fully 100% hydroponic, as you can actually use substrates such as soil or coco coir, or anything else that can absorb water. AutoPot systems are slightly different, and they water using gravity, watering each plant as it dries out. This allows you to avoid issues such as accidental overwatering and rot which can happen with drip irrigation systems – it’s the optimal watering system.

All AutoPot models have patented technology called an AQUAvalve, which gives your plants the amount of water that they need without needing electricity of batteries – all it needs is gravity. The AutoPot system can be used indoors and outdoors, so it’s quite the handy thing to have around. The best part is that you can add more on to each other, having up to 100 flowerpots if you wanted. Each module comes with a tray and a certain amount of flowerpots, a tank, the necessary pipes and the AQUAvalve.

AutoPot’s are 15L in size, so you can grow quite an enormous plant and maximize yield too. We recommend filling them with soil and clay, 50/50, in order to air out the roots but still increase nutrient absorption without risking puddling. The most fascinating thing about the AQUAvalve is the way it works – it closes once the flowerpot is a certain weight (when it’s wet) and opens again once it has dried out, reducing the weight of the pot. However, we still recommend hand watering during the first couple of weeks in order to avoid giving your plants too much water, because you can’t adjust the flow.

We sell them in groups up to 4 flowerpots, although you can add as many as you want to your system – if you want to get more flowerpots, simply contact us and we’ll personally get you the pots you need. Many growers have tried the AutoPot system and they’re super happy with the results; fast, efficient and time-saving.