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Cornwall Electronics is a Spanish company that designs and makes climate control devices for indoor plant growing. Their accessories for cannabis growing are an absolute must if you have a professional set up going. You can find many devices in their catalogue, such as fans, timers, thermos-hygrometers, dehumidifiers, temperature and humidity controllers as well as adjusters.

Cornwall Electronics makes quality devices that are incredibly sturdy, which is needed in devices that get almost constant use, giving you precise readings of your plants’ parameters. Their 200mg/h wall ozonizer is possibly the best ozonizer when it comes to quality and affordability – it can get rid of any bad odors in your grow room, although you’ll want to place it near a door so that you can neutralize the aromas coming out of the room without having it set up too close to your plants. Ozone is very bad for plants, so make sure never to place these devices in with your plants or they’ll end up super bland.

They also stock affordable thermos-hygrometers with and without probes. You’ll be able to have absolute control over the temperature and humidity in your growing area. This can be super handy for many reasons, including knowing how far to have your lights from the plants.

They have some impressive humidifiers and dehumidifiers – their ultrasonic humidifier has a 6L tank, allowing you to have it on for 12 straight hours without any issues. It can release up to 400ml per hour, keeping the perfect level of humidity constantly up for 12 hours. Their dehumidifier, however, is much larger and is designed to work in large rooms, extracting up to 10L of water a day. You can also attach it to a drain – its tank isn’t large enough to hold a full day’s water, so unless you have a drain nearby, you’ll need to empty the tank a few times a day. This device is a must-have if you’re growing lots of cannabis plants, especially during the flowering period where humidity can be a real issue – it needs to be under 40% at all times.

Cornwall Electronics has designed a catalogue of useful accessories that you can use daily in your indoor cannabis grow. They’re definitely at the top of their game, producing quality devices that amateurs and experts alike can use – all at super competitive and affordable prices.