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Graveda Products

Graveda is a German company that designs high end vaporizers, presses and other cannabis-related accessories, all without using combustion or plastic for the purest, smoothest flavors and results.

Their products are designed so that you can enjoy your cannabis in the most natural way possible without harming your body with toxic elements. You’ll be able to enjoy the full flavor of your cannabis with their newest designs that are extremely high in quality. Their portable vaporizers are a great choice if you want to vape on the go and choose the temperature as you go. This allows for medicinal consumers to make the most out of the medicinal properties of particular cannabinoids, as well as making the most out of your cannabis’s smooth, real flavor.

Graveda also designs presses that can help you to make your own Rosin extracts; some of them are professional, complex devices designed for cannabis clubs or professional growers, and others are more compact and designed for beginners or extract aficionados. Plus, they also design various different accessories that make making your own Rosin much easier.

Make your extracts using a Graveda press, then use one of their high end vaporizers to consume the results! The perfect combination; portable or table-top presses available with high technology, and vapes that can be temperature adjusted on the go.

Portable Vaporizers:

Graveda Medic+ Vaporizer

Its ceramic mouthpiece allows you to make the most out of your flowers, vaporizing them at temperatures between 80 and 220°C while keeping a stable temp thanks to its aluminum chamber. The device itself only heats up to 37°C on the outside, making sure that you can keep using it even if it gets super-hot. You can use it in normal mode which keeps the temperature stable while you vape or in session mode, which allows you to modify the temperature however and whenever you’d like.

Graveda G1 Vaporizer

This vaporizer stands out thanks to its vapor circulation system. It has a ceramic mouthpiece and chamber, which allows it to heat up fast and stay at a stable temperature while you vape. You can adjust the temperature from 120 to 225°C in jumps of 5°C at a time. It comes with a chargeable battery for maximum lifespan.

GV2 – A2020 Graveda Vaporizador

Unlike the other models, the GV2 Graveda vape model has a glass mouthpiece that cools the vapor down quite a lot, avoiding any irritation. It has a ceramic chamber, which means that it’ll heat up fact and stay stable for longer. You can adjust the temperature between 148° and 224°C, and its OLED Display system allows you to check the temp and battery at all times.

Rosin Press for Experts

GP30 5 Ton manual Rosin Press / GP6 (10 ton) / gp50 (15 ton) / GP3 (20 ton)

Graveda has various different presses designed for extracting Rosin from your flowers. This range is designed for experts or experienced extract enthusiasts. This model is the 5 ton pressure version, made out of steel. It has a removable lever and the temperature can easily be adjusted, as well as the pressing time, both of which you can change using the touch screen. If you need more pressure, there are larger models up to 20 tons in pressure.

Just like the previous model, the GP6 10 ton model is super easy to use and incredibly similar. The difference is that this model can exert 1000 psi (pounds per square inch) in a 3 x 4cm surface. You can disconnect the plates individually, allowing for more control over the temperature applied to your flowers. It has a sturdy, stable structure.

If 10 tons wasn’t enough for you, Graveda now has a 20 ton manual rosin press. It’s made out of stainless steel and weighs in at 46kg, so we highly recommend finding it a permanent home so that you don’t have to lug it around with you. Both the temperature and timer are controlled using the touch screen, which works even with gloves on. You can also adjust the amount of pressure needed, as well as the temperature, ranging from 0 to 250°C.

For the most professional of experts, the 15 ton press comes with a pressure gauge. The best part about this particular device is its 15 ton hydraulic cylinder, which you can adjust using a lever which has a pressure gauge, allowing you to know the exact pressure at all time. You can heat the plates individually, and you and adjust their position as much as needed, making for an even pressing process.

Beginner Presses

Graspresso Manual Rosin Press – 600 and 700 kg

If you’re just getting started when it comes to making Rosin and you don’t want to spend much money on a higher quality press, Graveda has two manual presses designed for beginners – these two models can exert 600 and 700kg of pressure, respectively. They don’t weigh much and they have a handle on top which allows you to move them around easily. Just like the other models, you can adjust the temperature up to 250°C with the 600kg model and up to 150°C with the 700kg model.

Graveda Accessories

Before pressing your flowers, we highly recommend using the Rosin BottleTech Pre-Press. This allows you to compact your cannabis into a small puck that makes it much easier to extract resin using a Rosin press. Check out the product description to see how to use it step by step.

The Rosin Filter Bags by Graveda are perfect for pressing your flowers in; they come in different sizes, and you can use them in the pre-press as well as the normal presses.

If you want to vape your very own extracts, you should definitely try the Graveda E-Nail kit; no more needing a lighter or torch to vape your rosin, you can digitally control the temperature using this nail. Plus, it has an adaptor for your bong or pipe. Its Bubble Carb Cap allows you to control air flow and vape efficiently.

The Graveda dabbers kit is designed to allow you to easily handle your cannabis extracts; they’re made out of silicon and steel. Thanks to these materials you’ll be able to comfortably handle your Rosin without getting it stuck everywhere.

Take a look at Graveda’s products if you’re looking for some of the best resin extract methods as well as high end vaporizers with wonderful designs.