Phytolite Products

Phytolite Products

Phytolite is a brand that specializes in creating effective lighting systems in LED format. They started out in 2009 in Italy, and currently have their main base in Switzerland. They were originally going to work with HPS, CMH and CFL but once they saw LED lights, they decided to go in a different direction and innovate.

When they started out, LED lights were still being tweaked when it comes to indoor growing and different plant phases. They worked perfectly during the growth period but once it came around to the flowering period, they were a bit weak for cannabis plants. Over the years they’ve managed to perfect their products, investing quite a lot in engineering in order to overcome what they considered to be obsolete HPS technology. They’ve managed to easily satisfy the needs of homegrowers with their amazing systems, exporting them all over the world. They began to create specific models for amateur home-growers that were small enough to fit in a grow tent, which are the models that we have in stock.

Phytolite really started offering quality lights for growers when they realized the Phyotled Linfa, which comes in 100, 200 and 400w. These LED lights are perfect for homegrowers that don’t have much space to grow cannabis in. These LED systems have proven to give the same results and yield as other lighting systems that use double the power. The Phytoled Linfa 400w was designed to replace 600w HPS lighting systems, producing the same amount of yield without using as much electricity. They’re perfect for around a meter squared, maybe a bit more, producing 450g per square meter pretty easily.

Their innovative Phytoled Chlorofilla lights marked a clear change in the world of LED lighting. Its design is spectacular and it has three different color channels which can work together or on their own; you can modify this depending on the phase that your plants are in, in order to give them the perfect kind of light. It also comes with a heat dissipater with internal fans that allow you to use these systems during the warmer summer months. You’ll be able to concentrate more light in darker areas, which guarantees more light access for your plants – these lights are great for SoG and SCRoG systems.

Growing cannabis using LED lights has proven to be incredibly beneficial when compared to other growing systems. The quality of your cannabis will be much higher when compared to CMH and HPS lights, as they’ll be less stressed out due to the type of light, which keeps its terpenes much more intact you’ll also be able to save quite a lot on your electricity bill, reducing it quite substantially. guarantees that you won’t be disappointed with these LED systems, some of the best lights that you can find on the market right now.