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Prima Klima Products

Prima Kilma Extractors and Accessories

Prima Klima is a German company that designs and makes various different ventilation and air filtration systems. They started their journey in 1996, and are currently based in the Czech Republic. They have customers all over the world thanks to their incredibly high reputation, known for their quality, consistency and reliability.

Their best extractor is definitely their “UFO” extractor. It’s both incredibly designed and highly functional, and many companies soon began to copy the UFO model, which is why it’s super easy to find extra parts and replacements out there, and many other similar extractors. This particular model comes in various types, for larger to smaller rooms – you can also adjust the extraction speed if needed. The first ever UFO-type extractor on the market was Prima Klima’s, making them the real pioneers when it comes to this type of extraction.

Their Prima Klima PK Anti-Odor filters are filters that contain active carbon, designed to fully neutralize strong odors that may come out of your extraction fan.  All of the odors and aromas that come out of your grow room are filtered through these devices, allowing for much more discretion. They also have reflectors such as the Azerwings 55-A, which is perfect for average-sized grow rooms. Its hood allows you to cover up to a meter and half squared of flowerpots. It can reflect up to 86% of all light that hits it, which is quite above average.

Prima Klima has a staff of around 60 employees, who work incredibly hard to export their products to over 20 countries. They use energy-efficient motors in their products in order to reduce contamination as well as your electric bill. Prima Klima’s OVNI extractor is incredibly reliable and durable; you’ll have it for years without a single hitch, and if you combine it with their reflector and carbon odor filters you’re guaranteed success.