Uvonair Products

Uvonair Products

Uvonair Environmental Technologies has been creating and designing ozonizers for both commercial and industrial use since 1994 now. Their products are designed and made in Ontario, Canada. They make their devices with only the best possible materials, having created some of the best UV systems and Corona Discharge (CD) devices out there. These high-performance ozonizers are perfect for destroying all unwanted aromas.

Their devices are designed to work perfectly in areas where there are high humidity and temperature variations without producing any sort of toxic residue. These products are perfect for using alongside your cannabis plants, getting rid of any aroma that they let off.

Uvonair’s UV 80H is their most affordable model, allowing you to get rid of any odor particles using UV lights. You’ll need to make sure that it doesn’t come into contact with your plants though, as ozone can end up destroying them. You’ll need to set it up straight after your extraction system so that all of the air leaving your grow room is filtered through it and any aromas are destroyed. In order for it to work as well as possible, you’ll need to attach a 5m table that goes outside in order to get rid of all of the particles. You’ll need to change the UV lights every 8000 hours (around every 2 years) for optimal usage.

Uvonair has designed devices that have a much more complex system than the UV devices; their Corona Discharge Uvonair Ozinizer comes in 800 to 1200w, with 1-3 coronas, depending on your needs. Remember, ozone gas oxidizes almost everything in its path, insects, bacteria, fungi, odor, and even your plants. That’s why it should NEVER come into contact that your intractor, bulb or anything in your actual grow room, and should always be set up at the very end of your grow room, with a 5m tube that’ll remove it out to the street.

Uvonair’s products are made to be used by professionals around the world. They have been tested on incredibly odorous objects and places such as laboratories and organic dumps, so it shouldn’t have any trouble getting rid of potent cannabis aromas.