Sunmaster Products

  • Bombilla SunMaster Dual Lamp Mixta

    Sunmaster Dual Lamp

    The SunMaster Dual Lamp is a dual spectrum light that can be used during the growth and flowering period when it comes to cannabis plants; you’ll be able to produce amazing results without needing to switch your bulb.

  • Bombilla Sunmaster Super HPS Floración

    Sunmaster Super HPS Flowering Bulb

    The Sunmaster HPS lamp produces the perfect light spectrum for your plants while they’re flowering, both in color and light strength.

  • Bombilla Sunmaster MH Veggie para Crecimiento

    Sunmaster MH Veggie Growth Lamp

    These Sunmaster MH Veggie lamps produce a potent white light that’s perfect for growing balanced, strong and compact cannabis plants.

Sunmaster Products

Sunmaster is a company based in Ohio, USA, and they specialize in making HID lights for indoor growing. This company has made a name for itself when it comes to indoor lighting, having over 25 years’ experience to back them up. They’ve also made a name for themselves when it comes to the cannabis community due to the amazing results their lights provide when growing cannabis. They have specific bulbs for the flowering and growth periods, as well as mixed bulbs.

Their Sunmaster VH Veggie light is designed specifically for the growth period – it produces quite a white light which causes cannabis plants to grow strong and compact. Their light imitates spring almost perfectly, so they shouldn’t stretch out too much, producing more nodes. They’re highly useful when it comes to growing mother plants and clones.

Once the growth period is over, you’ll need to switch out the light in order to change it for a flowering bulb, which increases performance and yield. You’ll need to start using the Sunmaster Super HPS light, which is specifically designed for the flowering period. These lights have more of an orange tint to them, which simulates the end of summer, so your plants will think that winter is coming soon, causing them to flower as fast and as strong as possible.

You’ll get much larger yields when using specific bulbs, however if you’ve just started out and want something a bit more simple or simply don’t have a large budget, you can simply use a mixed light such as the Sunmaster Dual Light – this light can be used for both the growth and flowering period. Short, yet high-yielding plants.

Sunmaster produces high quality lights at super competitive prices. All of their bulbs come in different strengths, so you can choose the perfect one for your available space. Get your hand on a 400, 600 or 1000w light.