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Pest Control

  • Trabe
    <p>Trabe is a <strong>brand specialized in organic agriculture</strong> and offers alternative solutions to traditional chemical insecticides and fungicides. They offer a <strong>wide range of products of 100% natural</strong> origin that will help your plants to grow strong and healthy without the pathogens and parasites common in marijuana crops, such as mildew or whitefly. <strong>Depending on the type of plague you're suffering or want to prevent, and whether you are growing indoors or outdoors,</strong> you will have to employ a different product.</p> <p><a href="">Neem Oil</a> <strong>is one of the most widely used preventive agents in organic agriculture</strong> and it is very effective in keeping away certain types of pests such as red spider mites, thrips, louses or whiteflies. It comes from a plant that is poisonous in its natural state and from which <strong>insects run away instinctively.</strong> If you spray your plants with this oil, they will smell like if they were dangerous and insects won't dare to approach if given an alternative. As a <strong>drawback, it can be said it is almost useless as an insecticide when growing indoors.</strong> On the other hand, it is one of the best products you can use in <strong>outdoor crops and a fortnight spraying</strong> will be enough to keep pests away.</p> <p><strong>If a pest is already attacking your plants, </strong>you will have to use something stronger, which at least acts as an insecticide. <strong>Expelex is an insecticide made of pyrethrins extracted from chrysanthemum which acts against all types of insects.</strong> Even when there is <strong>a low concentration of the product, not enough to kill them as an insecticide, it acts as a repellent.</strong> Since it <strong>degrades in the sunlight,</strong> you will have to <strong>apply it every week</strong> in your outdoor garden. It is <strong>one of the safest insecticides</strong> you can use, since it <strong>doesn't affect food, birds and mammals as much as the rest of insecticides do.</strong> It is biodegradable and <strong>can be used both indoors and outdoors</strong>, so you won't have to employ chemicals in your indoor grow ops.</p> <p><strong>Caterpillars are one of the most dangerous pests your plants can face.</strong> They tend to appear with the nice warm weather, at the end of spring. At the beginning they are small and hardly noticeable, but before you can tell it, very big worms that will be devouring a good part of your plants, causing botrytis in buds. <a href="">Biothur </a><strong>contains some bacteria called Bacilius Thuringiensis that burns the stomach of caterpillars from the inside, finishing the small individuals off. The bigger ones will behave as if they were "high", they won't feed properly and move randomly, but won't die.</strong> This is why it is important to use BioThur when the warm weather arrives, and before caterpillars are visible, so it can kill the small ones if they appear. <strong>If you realize it is already too late for using the product, there will be no other option than picking the big ones by hand and killing them individually. </strong>BioThur will kill just the small individuals. Unless you use Bacillus it is almost impossible to catch big caterpillars  because they go out at night and hide during daytime. However, when we use BioThur they tend to stagger as if they were "drunk" and are easily seen walking along the plant.</p> <p><strong>Whatever insecticide you're looking for, you'll find it in our Trabe section.</strong> They all are 100% natural, so they are <strong>much less harmful for our health and your plants.</strong> Many chemicals leave residues in your final product but you can <strong>avoid this problem by using natural insecticides.</strong></p>
  • Flower
    <p>Flower is a brand that specializes in <strong>chemical products</strong> used to get rid of insect infestations; their products are potent and effective at getting rid of some of the most persistent pests such as thrips or red spider mites. Their products are chemical in nature, so incredibly small doses are needed and you’ll need to respect the safety period. They’re much <strong>more effective</strong> than natural insecticides.</p> <p>One of their <strong>most effective</strong> products is their <a href="">Abamectine-based acaricide</a>. This is incredibly effective at getting rid of spider mites, which is one of the most <strong>intense pests</strong> that you can get indoors due to high humidity and heat conditions. You can use this product to prevent spider mites from getting into your grow in the first place, as well as use it to <strong>get rid of an infestation</strong> that has been there for a while. You’ll need to spray once a week depending on how warm your grow room is; check out the product description for the exact dose.</p> <p>You’ll need to wait 15 days between sprays and stop using it <strong>20 days before harvesting</strong>.</p> <p>They also have an anti-cochineal product which works wonders and gets rid of cochineals within days. These insects attach to your plants’ trunk and can be hard to kill; they tend to appear in the hundreds. This <strong>insecticide acts</strong> by creating a film around the outside of the insect and suffocates them. It also works against white flies.</p> <p>Plant lice, or <strong>aphids</strong>, are another <strong>common insect infestation</strong> and can pretty much destroy your plants in no time if you don’t catch them early enough. These nasty beasts multiply in no time at all and they eat your plants’ sap and slowly destroy them. Their feces also attract other insects such as white flies. They can easily be gotten rid of using <strong>Flower’s anti-aphid product</strong>, which is capable of getting rid of every single one of the <strong>3500 aphid species</strong>, 500 of which affect cannabis plants.</p> <p><strong>Sofrex Sulfur</strong> allows you to prevent and get rid of fungi on your cannabis plants. It’s <strong>quite common</strong> for issues with fungi to arise towards the end of the flowering period such as oidium or botrytis, so it’s well worth your time to take some preventive measures. Sulfur is a natural insecticide that’s used quite habitually in <strong>agriculture nowadays</strong>.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>specific insecticide for a specific product</strong>, you’ll definitely find what you need in our Flower insecticide and pesticide catalogue. Each product has a complete, detailed description that tells you what insects the product can be used for, how to use it and how to be safe with it.</p>
  • Protect Garden (Bayer)
    <p><strong>Protect Garden</strong> (Bayer) is known for their <strong>efficient insecticides and pesticides</strong>, both for your home and garden. Their potent products are perfect for home use as long as you follow the instructions regarding doses and safety periods. These products are harmless for people and animals when used right.</p> <p><strong>Protect Garden</strong> (Bayer) is a brand that’s known for their <strong>quality products</strong>; their insecticides can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants, and they also stock products used for home infestations such as mosquitos or cockroaches. These sorts of infestations are common indoors in country homes, where people tend to grow, due to <strong>high humidity</strong> and heat during the summer.</p> <p>They stock products capable of getting rid of any <strong>leftover pests</strong> before growing indoors or outdoors, such as their Solfac smoke bombs. All you have to do is simply pull the ring and leave it in your fully closed grow room for <strong>12 hours</strong>. Once it’s done make sure to ventilate and clean the room of any leftover insects such as <strong>spider mites, flies, mosquitos</strong> or anything else that got caught in its range. Just one smoke bomb can cover up to <strong>30m squared</strong> of insects like spider mites and 100 square meters of flying insects.</p> <p><strong>Calypso</strong> is an insecticide that can get rid of aphids such as <strong>white flies and thrips</strong>. All you have to do is spray it on your plants; it penetrates your plants’ leaves and can protect them for up to 4 weeks. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and doesn’t wash away under rain or bad weather. It’s super easy to use, and comes ready to spray without needing to be mixed.</p> <p>Decis Protech is used to get rid of aphids and caterpillars. It’s a <strong>chemical insecticide</strong>, which is the only way you’ll get rid of caterpillars other than using Bacillus. Natural products are good enough to get rid of small caterpillars, although the big ones are much tougher and need chemical intervention unless you use biocontrol methods. You can use it up to <strong>4 days before harvesting</strong> your plants thanks to its short safety period. Aphids are pretty easy to kill off using normal insecticides, although this one is the best for these two infestations which can come hand in hand outdoors sometimes.</p> <p>Natria is a natural insecticide and acaricide that can stop red spider mites from spreading and in some cases even get rid of them completely. It’s effective against all of their phases; eggs, larvae and adults, which is rare in a natural product. It can be used until the end of the flowering period safely and it also keeps white flies at bay. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it’s compatible with eco-friendly and environmentally friendly grows.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>natural fungicide, Elosal GD</strong> is one of the best ones for cannabis plants. You can prevent fungi and stop it from spreading, including powdery mildew. It has a five day safety period, although we recommend easing up about <strong>20 days before harvesting</strong> just to make sure no nasty flavors are left over. It contains powdered sulfur and can also be used in environmentally friendly grows.</p> <p>If you’re having issues with insects <strong>at home rather than in the garden</strong>, we also have a few insecticides that can help you to get rid of them, ants, cockroaches and mosquitos; just a few of the most annoying insects that can get inside your home.</p> <p><strong>Baythion is an anti-ant gel</strong>; with just a few drops you can get rid of an entire colony. Antes tend to pop up in kitchens and gardens, especially in the countryside. With just a few drops of gel you can get rid of them in a few days. It can be used both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>; it attracts ants, which become infected when they walk over it. Then, they go back to the ant hill and pass it on to the rest of the ants.</p> <p><strong>Cockroaches</strong> are definitely one of the most disgusting infestations that can happen at home and they can be quite <strong>hard to get rid of</strong>. If you get your hands on some <strong>Blattanex Ultra Gel</strong> you can get rid of them pretty easily. Fill up the syringe and place a drop once per meter in the area that they tend to appear. It works immediately and its effects last up to<strong> 12 months</strong>, making it quite an efficient and affordable solution for such a disgusting and persistent insect.</p> <p>If you’re having <strong>issues with mosquitos</strong>, we have two possible solutions. If they’re <strong>bothering you inside</strong>, you can try our spray version of Blattanex; just one use can last for three hours with the windows open and up to three days in closed rooms. This allows you to get that <strong>much needed shut-eye</strong> without hearing <strong>horrible buzzing sounds</strong> in your ears.</p> <p>However, if you live in the countryside and have <strong>annoying mosquitos outdoors</strong>, which tends to happen a lot during the summer here in Spain, we also have an anti-mosquito product for outdoor settings. You can easily cover your outdoor area with this product and sit outside and enjoy the sunset. It gets rid of any mosquitos in the area and <strong>sticks around for eight hours</strong>, so no new mosquitos should get anywhere near you. It’s used on the ground and walls, if there are any; it does not stain any surfaces. It works against common mosquitos as well as more dangerous species such as the <strong>Tiger Mosquito</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Protect Garden</strong> makes insecticides for all types of issues; <strong>indoors and outdoors, home and garden</strong>. If you’re having issue with a specific pest, whether it’s on your plants or not, why not give Protect Garden’s products a try.</p>
  • Greendel insecticides...
    <p><strong>Greendel</strong> is a brand that specializes in getting rid of <strong>insects and fungi</strong> that can sometimes be a nuisance when growing cannabis. You can use their products to prevent as well as<strong> treat fungal infestations such as mildew</strong>, and annoying insect infestations such as white flies and red spider mites indoors.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Greendel Acaricide</strong></a><strong> </strong>allows you to fight mites such as <strong>red spider mites</strong>; outdoors they’re not that disastrous, however when growing indoors they can absolutely take over your plants. They reproduce incredibly fast under the right temperature, around <strong>25°C</strong>, churning out a new generation of mites <strong>every 7 days</strong>. This product is made using abamectine, an ingredient that’s incredibly helpful when it comes to eliminating red spider mites. You’ll need to use it correctly or else you may accidentally cause <strong>immune spider mites</strong>. If you have a look at the product description you’ll find a detail explanation on how to use this product correctly and get rid of spider mites.</p> <p><strong>Greendel’s Pyrethrin</strong> Insecticide is a <strong>natural insecticide</strong> that can be used to protect your plants from white flies, aphids and thrips. It’s applied via spraying and it starts to work as soon as it comes into contact with insects, getting rid of them in no time. You’ll need to use it every few days, and at most 20 days before harvesting so that the flowers don’t end up tasting different. You’ll only need <strong>0.75-1.5ml/L</strong> which is capable of covering quite a few plants. Just one bottle is enough for<strong> 20-40L of water</strong>.</p> <p>You can also protect your plants from dangerous fungi such as mildew, keeping them far, far away from your plants at the <strong>end of the flowering period</strong>. One of their most effective products is called <strong>Tebuconazol</strong>, a chemical that can only be used on healthy, strong adult plants. If you want to use it as a preventive product, use minimal doses <strong>every 20 days</strong>. If you’ve already found a <strong>fungal infestation</strong> in your plants, you’ll need to use it once a week. Make sure not to use it <strong>three weeks before harvesting</strong> – this may cause the fungi to reappear during the last week although it’ll be too late for it to affect the actual quality of the plant. If you’re worried about this intense product and having to mix it safely, you can always try out our <strong>mildew spray fungicide</strong> which is ready to use.</p> <p>We also stock two powdered fungicides. <strong>Algreen-95</strong> can be used to spray or water your plants, protecting them from fungi from the inside out. Our most natural product is the Greendel Cobre Fungicide that allows you to fight some of the <strong>strongest fungi</strong> in a fully natural manner. It’s sprayed on your plants and can be used to treat a wide variety of fungi, many of which affect cannabis plants.</p> <p>Their aphid and caterpillar insecticide can get rid of these <strong>incredibly annoying pests</strong>, which can pop up on cannabis plants at pretty much any time. However, sometimes they appear in the hundreds and it can be an absolute nightmare to get rid of them. This product contains micro-encapsulated Chlorpyrifos, which is an insecticide that acts as soon as it comes in contact with the insect. You’ll be able to get rid of these pesky insects with just a few sprays.</p> <p>If you’re having issues with <strong>cochineals and white flies</strong>, you can use <strong>Clorporifós 48</strong>, which begins acting as soon as it comes into contact with your plants as well as via digestion. You’ll need to try and absolutely soak your plant from top to bottom to make sure that all insects are covered. It’s pretty easy to get rid of these insects when used right. Do not use this product <strong>more than once a week</strong>, and once you’ve gotten rid of the insects you’ll need to reduce doses to once every three weeks.</p> <p>Some insect infestations <strong>aren’t very common</strong> but when they pop up they can definitely cause some issues. One of the most annoying ones is the snail; they don’t usually go after cannabis but when they do they can multiply in no time. You can use <strong>Greendels anti-snail product</strong> to get rid of snails and slugs; place some around your plants when it rains, which is when <strong>snails and slugs tend to fee</strong>d. If possible, try and avoid using this product unless it’s absolutely necessary, as it’s capable of changing the properties of the surrounding ecosystem.</p> <p>If you’ve been trying to <strong>get rid of pesky pests</strong> with no luck, give Greendel’s wide range of insecticides and fungicides a go. All of their insecticides have their own description so that you can read how much is needed and how it’s applied, as well as <strong>each products’ safety period</strong>. Keep your plants safe!</p>
  • Misc Insecticides and...
    <p><strong>Insecticides, fungicides and bio pest control</strong> – find that perfect product needed to protect your plants by preventing pests or getting rid of them completely. We stock both chemical and natural products, allowing you to get rid of insects and fungi in your preferred method without damaging your plants.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Adhesive Insect Traps</strong></a> are one of the most efficient and used products when it comes to <strong>getting rid of insects</strong>; they’re super cheap and also super effective. All you need to do is <strong>hang them among your plants</strong> (far enough away so that neither you nor your plants get stuck) and any flying insect that sees it will land on it and promptly become stuck. This can be super useful when getting rid of <strong>indoor infestations</strong> such as thrips or white flies. We have yellow strips which attract flying insects, and blue strips that attract thrips.</p> <p>We also stock <strong>products such as Enviro Clean</strong>, which is a super-strong cleaner for your grow room. It’s used to get rid of any insect traces after you’ve finished growing – if you don’t clean your growing area after every grow issues you had previously <strong>may come back the next time around</strong> or even two years down the road. This is due to larvae that hide in cracks or leftover legs. If you use Enviro Clean you can get rid of parasites, fungi and bacteria easily, <strong>preventing future infestations</strong> and sterilizing the area.</p> <p><strong>Sulfur burners</strong> are also used quite a lot to <strong>prevent insect and fungi infestations</strong>. They can be used to get rid of infestations such as red spider mites as well as fungi such as oidium and botrytis. They’re easy to use and are used quite regularly in organic growing. All you have to do is turn it on for a couple of hours one night a week, using incredibly small amounts of sulfur to cover large areas. Sulfur changes the pH of any surface it comes in contact with, which stops fungi and insects from growing properly. Due to the fact that it’s a vapor, it’ll reach <strong>every inch of your plants</strong>; it’s much easier than simply spraying.</p> <p><strong>Bermectine</strong> is one of the most used products when it comes to <strong>fighting red spider mites</strong>. It contains abamectin, a chemical that destroys mites within days. You’ll need to use it following the spider mites’ reproduction process, which happens every week at a certain temperature. You’ll need to make a detailed calculation <strong>depending on the temperature in your grow room</strong> in order to figure out when to use it. This is generally done right before they lay their brand new eggs.</p> <p><strong>BioFume</strong> is a type of smoke bomb made with garlic that allows you to <strong>effortlessly fumigate your grow room</strong>. You can easily get rid of white flies and red spider mites by simply turning these smoke bombs on <strong>for around 2-3 hours</strong> – no pesticides needed. Keep in mind that your plants will need to be fully hydrated before using, and you’ll need to close the entire room up so no smoke gets out or else it won’t work.</p> <p><strong>SuperKukulus</strong> is a product used to make your plants much stronger and capable of dealing with strong insect infestations such as spider mites. It helps your plants to grow thicker cell walls, which <strong>stops any insects from actually biting at your plants</strong>. Outdoors this product can be used to solve many issues, as it’ll deter insects from your plants, causing them to go to another plant. This product comes in practical containers as well as <strong>highly concentrated bottles</strong> so that you can mix your own.</p> <p><strong>Domark Evo</strong> is quite an effective fungicide when it comes to <strong>getting rid of oidium fungi</strong>. It can also be used as a preventive method, although we have seen it get rid of fungi completely. It’s sprayed on your plants and increases their strength and capacity to fight off insects.</p> <p>We also have less aggressive treatments such as <strong>Clean Light Hobby Unit</strong>, a light that’s capable of stopping fungi and bacteria from growing more. All you have to do is pass the light around 10cm from your plant on every surface – this light <strong>can get rid of pathogens easily</strong>, just make sure to use it daily if you’re going to use it.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>potent and efficient insecticide for your plants</strong>, whether it’s chemical or bio, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Each product has quite a detailed description so that you know what infestations they’re for and how to use them. Make the <strong>most of our permanent discounts</strong> and protect your plants now!</p>
  • Pro XL
    <p>Pro XL is an <strong>insecticide and fungicide company</strong> that makes products that both prevent and fight insect and fungi infestations. You can get rid of some of the most persistent infestation with their products. They have something for every situation; they have a specific product for insects like red spider mites, and a stronger one for <strong>persistent thrips or resistant spider mites</strong>, as well as products used to fight off fungi and bacteria.</p> <p><strong>Kill</strong> is used to fight off red spider mites, putting a break on their reproductive system as well as protecting your plants for two weeks from adult insects and 45 days from eggs and larvae. Just one container is enough to <strong>cover 50 square meters</strong>. It’s perfect if you’ve tried other products and the nasty pests managed to become immune, which can happen in indoor settings. It also contains a stabilizing ingredient that keeps your plants healthy and green.</p> <p><strong>Kill 5</strong> is used against much tougher insects. Red spider mites really can be complicated to get rid of, and <strong>Kill 5</strong> is an intense treatment that will definitely get rid of them. It’s also useful for all types of thrips, which sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. You’ll be able to protect your <strong>plants for 2 weeks</strong> from adult insects and 4 weeks from larvae and smaller insects. With just one container you can <strong>spray 5L</strong>, which is enough to cover 50 square meters. It also contains small amounts of fertilizer which help your plant to recover from the stress of the infestation, making for healthier and stronger plants.</p> <p>Bacteria and fungi can sometimes be quite a pain to get rid of, especially because sometimes you may even have an <strong>infection in your plants</strong> and not know. You’ll need to know how to recognize the signs on your plants, such as stains or weird colorings or shapes on their leaves, which may look like some sort of nutrient deficiency. <strong>AntiBac</strong> can be used to <strong>prevent bacterial infections</strong> on your plants. All you have to do is spray them from the 6<sup>th</sup> week after germination onwards, once a week until 20 days before harvesting. The amount you’ll need to use depends on if you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors.</p> <p><strong><a href="">AntiMil</a> </strong>is a fungicide that’s used to keep fungi such as<strong> mildew</strong> off of your plants. You’ll be able to reinforce your plants from the inside out, so that no fungi can manage to attach their spores. You’ll need to use it every 7 days for maximum efficiency in order to stop a fungi infestation. As a<strong> preventive measure</strong> you’ll need to use it every 2 weeks.</p> <p>If you want to <strong>fight insect infestations</strong> in the most efficient way possible without accidentally creating insects that are immune to your products, give Pro XL a try. Make the most of our permanent discounts and get your insecticides at the best price on the market! Each product has its own <strong>description</strong> where we explain how to use it, the needed dose and what insect/fungi it can be used to fight.</p>
  • Biological Pest Control
    <p>Biocontrol consists of <strong>using insects</strong> to get rid of other, nastier insects; every species has its own predator, and you can use those predators in order to get rid of insects that can wreak havoc on your plants. This is the most <strong>natural and efficient</strong> way of getting rid of any type of insect infestation both indoors and outdoors.</p> <p>Depending on your infestation, you’ll need to use a <strong>certain type of predator</strong> – all insects have a specific diet, or at least they usually prefer other specific insects; make sure to <strong>keep in mind</strong> what predators prefer what insects.</p> <p><strong>Phytoseiulus Permisilis</strong> is a predator mite that often <strong>eats red spider mites</strong> as a main part of its diet. It can eat up to <strong>5 spiders or 20 eggs</strong> a day. As soon as you see the very first symptoms, you’ll need to release these predators on your plants – the longer you wait, the harder it will be for them to completely destroy the spider mites. You’ll see quite an <strong>improvement after a couple of days</strong>, as they’ll begin to reproduce and they’ll win the war in no time. We tried this out on plants that were covered in spider webs and within days they were almost fully under control. These predators are super effective, although you’ll need to make sure it <strong>doesn’t get too warm or humid</strong> in your grow room so that they can reproduce – perfect for outdoor or greenhouse grows.</p> <p><strong>Amblyseius Californicus</strong> can also be used to fight spider mites – they’re a bit slower than the <strong>previous insect</strong>, although they deal better with high temperatures and humidity indoors. Amblyseius Californicus are the same size as spider mites, although they’re transparent. Essentially, they work by sucking out all of the <strong>vital liquids from red spider mites</strong>, leaving the exoskeleton behind. They move from spider to spider, eating around <strong>8-10 red spider mites</strong> a day. Once they’re full, they reproduce – if you have a big infestation all you need to do is <strong>wait a bit</strong> and your plants will be red spider mite free.</p> <p><strong>Orius Laevigatus</strong> are a type of <strong>micro-scarab</strong> that has a sword-like break that they use to feed on thrip insects. It stabs them and sucks them dry. They’re pretty easy to see, so you’ll be able to see them increasing in numbers as they reproduce. As soon as you see the first signs of thrips you’ll need to release this predator on your plants. One of these plants can eat up to <strong>300 thrips in their 20 day life span</strong>, although they don’t do well under low temperatures. It’s ideal for indoor growing; adults can fly and easily move from plant to plant, although they prefer to walk. Larvae and adult insects are capable of attacking thrips.</p> <p>One of the most affordable biocontrol predators are <strong>Swirskismites</strong>, which are insects that are quite similar to red spider mites apart from the fact that they eat them. If you tend to have spider mites in your grow, you can try and prevent them next time round by placing a couple of sachets per square meter. If you already have spider mites on your plants, we recommend using one sachet per plant indoors. <strong>Outdoors</strong> they tend to move to other plants too, so you’ll need to release quite a lot. Indoors is where it does best as it loves high temperatures. You can use it alongside <strong>Phytoseiulus Permisilis or Amblyseius Californicus</strong>.</p> <p>If you don’t want to use <strong>pesticides or insecticides</strong> on your plants, biocontrol is one of the most efficient and effective, natural ways to protect your plants. Have a look through the predators that we stock; each one has a <strong>full description</strong> so that you know what conditions to give them so that they thrive.</p>
  • Neudorff
    <p><strong>Neudorff</strong> is a company known for creating and manufacturing natural insecticides, which are perfect for taking care of your plants. They stock all sorts of insecticides, anti-mite and preventive products that will help you keep your plants safe and sound.</p> <p>This company is backed by a rather long history,<strong> founded in 1854</strong> and designed to create all sorts of household products such as bath salts or colorants. After a few years in which the demand for their products was rising considerably, they decided to widen their range, which was when Spruzit came onto the market. Spruzit is an insecticide based on natural pyrethrin and is considered <strong>one of the most effective insecticides in the world to this day.</strong></p> <p>In 1902 the company moved to Wuppertal, where they began<strong> producing pesticides and products for animals,</strong> although they still had quite a ways to go. They took about 30 years to start producing these items, and in 1931 they were ready to release their revolutionary products on to the market.</p> <p>Everything stayed the same for a while until 1959 when they company changed owners and moved to Emmerthal, in the Weserberg region, where it remains today. Just two years later one of the new bosses<strong> decided to bring their brand to the next level by using only natural and ecological products</strong>. This obviously caught the attention of growers that don’t like using chemical products on their crops, which helped push the company to the top of the ladder.</p> <p>In 1991 they began collaborating with<strong> the Canadian investigative laboratory, Eco-Care</strong>, and in 1999 they earned a quality certification in all of their branches and departments. This laboratory, which is in Vancouver, works exclusively for Neudorff and has a large team of scientists that are in charge of <strong>developing new products.</strong></p> <p>In 2007 they built a greenhouse near Hamelin, where they have their main factory. Here is where they do most of their investigative work, in an environment which is fully prepared and as natural as possible. They manage to keep a stable, desired temperature thanks to the circulation of bio-gas, ensuring the most optimal conditions.</p> <p><strong>That same year the Garden range by Neudorff reached Spain</strong> thanks to the company Seipasa, the only company in charge of Neudorrf distribution. Just a few years later <strong>Ferramol</strong> reached Spain, the <strong>only natural snail repellent that can be found in all of Europe.</strong></p> <p>Nowadays you can get your hands on many Neudorff products that guarantee<strong> an experience worthy of a 150 year old company, making for the best results possible. </strong></p>
  • Compo
    <p><strong>Compo</strong> is a company that specializes in creating biological and chemical products for your house and garden. They began way back in 1956 in Munster (Germany), having accumulated over 70 years of experience. Compo still gets better each day, expanding and <strong>improving their products</strong> so that people like us can make the most of them.</p> <p>You’ve probably used or seen your parents use Compo products when you were a kid to get rid of pesky ants; these products are a <strong>must-have in any household</strong>. That’s why we’ve included them among our wide catalogue of products; we know perfectly well that they’re incredibly efficient when it comes to <strong>getting rid of insects</strong> without affecting your plants’ health.</p> <p>They have a <strong>wide range of preventive products</strong> and products used to control and get rid of insect infestations, especially <a href="">Neemic</a>; this multifunctional insecticide is <strong>incredibly efficient</strong> at getting rid of any infestations that may get to your plants such as spider mites and caterpillars. Its organic ingredients allow you to <strong>spray it on your plants</strong> without worrying about negatively affecting your plants’ buds.</p> <p>They finally have a product used to <strong>repel dogs and cats</strong>, keeping them away from your plants – we always think about how much insects can ruin cannabis plants, but some people have pets that like to dig their plants up, pee on them or even eat them. They’ve designed various different formats that let off an odor that your pets will absolutely hate, so they should stay away from it.</p> <p>These products are <strong>biodegradable</strong>, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Compo is one of the best insect repellent brands on the market and has been for years; <strong>keep your plants perfectly safe</strong>, and get Compo now.</p>
Insecticides & fungicides for cannabis plants

Insecticides, fungicides and insect repellents for plants and gardens. Natural and chemical repellents for getting rid of the most aggressive pests. In this section you can find a wide range of pesticides, fungicides and insect repellents by all brands.

We stock natural repellents such as Neem Oil which makes insects move to other plants instead of yours. Propolix is used to keep your plant protected from fungi such as oidium, largely found on cannabis plants. It is not a pesticide but it can also help keep insects away from your plants.

You can also protect your plants from caterpillars by using Bacillus Thurigiensis; if let run loose, caterpillars can cause your plants to rot entirely.

If your plants are already infected, there are outdoor insecticides such as pyrethrins, which contain Expelex, which can work well when treating pests like white flies. If you cannot stop the pests with these products, you'd better use a chemical one. Organic pesticides usually work very well outdoors because bugs have other plants to move to, but they are rarely so effective indoors.

Fungi infestations are difficult to get rid of once they are present, but there are several fungicides you can use to help stop the symptoms. The best you can do is protect your plants with organic fungicides such as Propolix which prevents fungi from appearing. If it's too late for that, depending on whether your plants are young or adults, you can use chemicals or be restricted to the sole use of organic elements. Mildew is one of the most commonly found fungi on cannabis plants.

If you want to naturally get rid of pest infestations indoors or inside a greenhouse, you can also resort to Biocontrol. Biological Control consists of using insects that feed on other insects. All you have to do is release the predators in your growing space and wait for them to finish their job. Fight the most voracious pests such as red spider mites, whiteflies or thrips in the most effective way while avoiding the use of pesticides.

Chemical insecticides and pesticides are more effective to treat pests but they are also more aggressive with your plants. Besides, they can leave taste traces if you use them at the end of the growing cycle. However, sometimes it is the only way of getting rid of red spiders or thrips in indoor gardens. There are three different types of chemical pesticides: shock-effect, contact and systemic. Shock-effect and contact products are intended for immediate effect, whereas systemic ones penetrate the plant, and their effect lasts for a certain amount of time.

Plant louse are pests that usually affect cannabis plants when growing outdoors, since they are present in numerous species such as rose bushes. Like mites, they have to be killed with specific insecticides. Everytime you use insecticides, repellents or pesticides, you can easily boost their effect by increasing leaf adherence. Potassium Soap can help products to stick to the leaves when fumigating your plants, leading to much better absorption.

Find the best insecticides by brands such as Bayer, Flower, Probelte, Trabe and Greendel with all detailed characteristics, components, dosage and mode of use in their descriptions.