Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest Control

Choosing a good insecticide to protect your plants is one of the most important tasks when choosing the products for your grow. In GB The Green Brand you can find the strongest and most efficient insecticides, fungicides, and insect repeller of the market.

Fighting against different types of plagues that can ravish your plants should be taken into account when growing cannabis. There are different types of natural repellents that take care and protect your grow. A well known one is Neem Oil, that repels bugs from appearing on your plants.

You can also protect your plants from caterpillars by using Bacillus Thuringiensis; if let run loose, caterpillars can cause your plants to rot entirely. If the plagues have already developed on your plant (white fly, for example), we recommend using Expelex, piretrine based.

Fending off plagues with the best products

Indoors it is recommended that you use chemical products, and exterior, organic. Organic are more efficient outdoors, as it is easier that plagues end shifting to near plants. Likewise, depending on the phase they are in, you should use either organic or chemical products as to not burn your specimen. It is important to add that chemical products are more aggressive than organic.

Although it's a hard task to eradicate all the plagues, there are strong organic fungicides such as Propolix. This product will also avoid fungus growing on your grow.

Also, to fight interior plagues, we can use Biological Pest Control. This product is formed by beneficial insects that eat other insects, such as spider mites or whiteflies.

In addition these products can be instant or by contact and systemic. Instant products are used as the name states, to be instant. The second one is to achieve long term results on your plant.

Best insecticide brands

Boom Nutrients: is a relatively new brand that has its own range of insecticides made out of natural products made out of ingredients such as horsetail and chia. This range of products is perfectly safe for your plants and environmentally friendly. As well as protecting your plants from certain infestations ; white flies, aphids, red spiders, oidium, botrytis.

Its most important products are Multiprotection Boom, Spider Boom, Soil Care Boom, Killer Boom and Fungi Boom.

Trabe is a brand specialized in organic agriculture and offers alternative solutions to traditional chemical insecticides and fungicides. They offer a wide range of products of 100% natural origin that will help your plants to grow strong and healthy without the pathogens and parasites common in marijuana crops, such as mildew or whitefly. Neem Oil is one of the most widely used preventive agents in organic agriculture and it is very effective in keeping away certain types of pests such as red spider mites, thrips, louses or whiteflies. In addition of Propolix, Torta de Neem, Aliosan, Ekisan and Urtifer Ortiga.

Compo: asides of its insecticides and root stimulants, it also has repellers for dogs and cats. It is important to note their Insecticida Polivalente Cytrhin Garden, Bio Stop in spray and Aceite Mineral Miscibloil.

Protect Garden (Bayer) is known for their efficient insecticides and pesticides, both for your home and garden. Decis Protech, Solabiol, AE Total Discharge Insecticide and Solfac Automatic.

Greendel: is a brand that specializes in getting rid of insects and fungi that can sometimes be a nuisance when growing cannabis. You can use their products to prevent as well as treat fungal infestations such as mildew, and annoying insect infestations such as white flies and red spider mites indoors. Their most important products are Fungicida Cobre Greendel, Aceite Blanco, Anticochinillas and Mosca Blanca.

Pro XL is an insecticide and fungicide company that makes products that both prevent and fight insect and fungi infestations. You can get rid of some of the most persistent infestations with their products. They have something for every situation; they have a specific product for insects like red spider mites, and a stronger one for persistent thrips or resistant spider mites, as well as products used to fight off fungi and bacteria. Their main products are Kill Insecticida, Anti Bac and Anti Mil.

Neudorff is a company known for creating and manufacturing natural pesticides, which are perfect for taking care of your plants. They stock all sorts of insecticides, fungus gnats, anti-mite and preventive products that will help you keep your plants safe and sound. Spruzit, Malusan and their anti-insect traps.

GB The Green Brand products are your solution

In GB The Green Brand you can find an enormous array of possibilities, with a carefully selected catalogue with the most effective and reliable products to take care of your marihuana grow. We recommend you take a look at the complete descriptions of all products, as well as the different tricks and tips we publish periodically in our blog and YT channel.