LED 100x Microscope

LED 100x Microscope

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Lumagny Products

Lumagny Products


Lumagny designs and creates small microscopes that are perfect for keeping a close eye on your cannabis plants when needed. These devices are great for checking how mature your plants are, checking the colors of the trichomes as well as a looking for insects. They all come with LED lights, allowing you to get a precise image of what’s going on on your plants.

Lumagny mini-microscopes can allow you to zoom in 100 times on your plants, which is quite a lot considering their small size. One of our favorite models is the 60-100x mini Lumagny microscope. It’s 8x5x2cm in size, which makes it quite small and easy to handle while in and around your plants and their flowers. It’s also great if you need to transport it anywhere – it’s as small as a smart phone and super sturdy!

Lumagny has more technical and specific devices, such as their magnifying glasses that look like laboratory microscopes which allow you to take clear images if samples from your plants. Lumagny; a trustworthy, reliable way to keep a close eye on your plants.