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GSE Products

GSE Controllers for marijuana growing

GSE (G-Systems Engineering) is a Company that began in Bulgaria in 2007. Ever since then they’ve been making some of the best controllers and timers for indoor growing. With their devices you can control and adjust humidity or temperatures in your grow room, making them perfect for those that tend to have issues with heat or humidity.

They have various different controllers in their catalogue that deal with different issues. Their most complete product is the GHE Humidity, Temperature and Pressure controller. You’ll be able to control how strong or fast your extraction system is running, reducing the speed as well as controlling negative pressure – this allows you to decrease the amount of noise coming from your grow room while still being able to use odor filters. You can connect up to two extractors and control every variable using just two buttons. It’s an incredibly trustworthy device that’s guaranteed to give you accurate results. It’s made out of sturdy materials and is also waterproof, within reason, with all of the electrical outlets and inlets covered and ready for environments with high humidity.

One of their best and most useful products is their grow tent alarm. If you live in a remote area or simply want extra security, we highly recommend getting one of these devices. With this GSE alarm, you can protect your cannabis by placing up to 10 sensors; door sensors, movement, smoke and water sensors. It already comes with one sensor for each category, four in total, but you can configure up to ten for much larger grow tents. You’ll get an SMS to your mobile every time the alarm goes off. This is a highly versatile product that has various settings and allows you to know what’s going on in your grow every single time.

These are some of their best products, but they also have other devices that are much more affordable and are perfect for smaller grow operations. They have smaller temperature controllers that allow you to connect them to an extractor and a timer, as well as basic humidity controllers. They also have another high-end product that does all of these things and also can control heaters if your grow room gets much too cold when you turn the lights off.

GSE deals in both high-end and affordable controllers for home growers, allowing them to grow cannabis in their homes without any issues with parameters. If you’re thinking of growing indoors all year round, we recommend getting your hands on some GSE timers and controllers for the most efficient results.