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Canna Terra Professional 50L

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Canna Terra Professional by Canna is a substrate that contains plenty of nitrogen, perfect for your cannabis plants’ growth period.

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Canna Terra Professional by Canna is a soil-based substrate for cannabis that has been enriched with nitrogen in order to give your plants a boost during the growth period. It’s usually only used during the growth period, although you can use it and also feed your plants nutrients via watering.

This combination of peats, mosses and perlite makes for an incredibly oxygenated substrate that doesn’t retain much water. You’ll be giving your plants the closest thing to nature as you possibly can.

It contains plenty of beneficial micro-organisms that naturally live in soil. These micro-organisms form a symbiotic relationship with your plants; they feed off of dead roots and turn them into new nutrients for your plants.

You might want to use an inert material such as clay or perlite in the bottom of your flowerpots so that water drains out the bottom correctly – if water pools at the bottom, your plants’ roots may begin to rot.

Canna Terra Professional by Canna is a substrate that doesn’t retain much water at all and it can be hard to wet again once it’s dried out completely. We recommend watering once your flowerpot is a lot lighter and slightly humid still. Don’t let it dry out completely and don’t soak it too much.

This substrate is perfect for autoflowering strains; it gives them a great boost to start with and you can easily add your own flowering fertilizers without overfeeding. Your autoflowering seedlings will turn into resinous, extraordinary plants.

This substrate is ready to go, all you have to do is fill up your flowerpots and plant your cannabis!

How to use Canna Terra Professional:

  • Place clay balls, perlite or coco fiber at the bottom of the flowerpot in order to make it easier for water to drain out of the bottom.
  • Pour your substrate into the flowerpot or mix it with the same material you used for the bottom of the flowerpot.
  • Press the soil down very lightly so that there aren’t any empty spaces – try not to compact it too much or your plants roots’ won’t be able to grow properly.
  • Fill again if needed and repeat.


NPK 12-14-24

  • Sphagnum peat
  • Perlite
  • Inorganic nutrients
  • Density when dry: 160kg/m3
  • Organic material: >85%
  • EC: 1.0
  • pH: 6.0



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Canna Terra Professional 50L Reviews

Leonardo David P

ES VIDA PURA. Totalmente recomendable.


Una casa buena,es buena si tiene buenos cimientos,pues ls plantas de cannabis igual,una planta marihuana cn "tierra buena=raiz buena" siempre sera una buena planta,ay va una buena mezcla( 50l canna profesional/20lcoco/30l fiemó caballo seco/guano en polvo200gr/2 l humus ) verais l q conseguis,desde q l prove este sustrato,n compro otro,"ir a lo seguro=tranquilidad y buenos resultados al final" Un saludo artistas...jjjjjj

jonay s

He visto que la usan en sus videos, voy a probarla a ver que tal...pero por lo que he visto, AGÜITA!!


muy buen sustrato tanto x su calidad como por su precio


espero pedir mas

eloisa m

Fina, suelta y porosa.


Todo bien!

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Write your review