Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles

Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles
  •  Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles
  •  Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles

Canna aqua clay pebbles are a great option for growers who want to control the supply of moisture and fertilizers throughout the growth process.


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Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles

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Canna Aqua clay pebbles are a great choice in cannabis grows that use aeroponic and hydroponic systems. They are inorganic and low in soluble salt content.These expanded clay pebbles, also known as arlite, are ideal for growers that need to control moisture with ease for optimal growth and flowering

These clay pebbles promote root development and a more aired soil. This substrate stands out for being very porous, which helps with moisture, and for having an inorganic composition with neutral PH that doesn’t rot or grow mold.

This type of clay can be used as a standalone medium or combined with other substrates such as Light Mix Boom Nutrients or Plagron Bat Mix. It could also be helpful in open ground grows as it will improve water drainage and prevent soil compacting in the lowest layers.

This substrate is very appropriate for drip irrigation systems. You need to water your plants according to their needs and the size of the pots. Normally, adult fast-growing plants will require 4-6 litres of nutrient solution per m2.

Clay Pebbles for Hydroponic Grows

These pebbles are very popular in hydroponic grows because they provide excellent oxygenation to the roots. All you have to do is plant your seeds in rockwool cubes and then fill the pots with arlite.

Clay pebbles can be reused after cleaning them properly, removing roots and minerals leftover from previous grows. If you are using new clay it’s important to regulate PH to 5.5 before using it. This substrate can also be used in fast growing cannabis strains and in other types of plants like fruit trees or shrubs.

How To Use Canna Expanded Clay

Although they come pre-washed, we recommend rinsing them with clean lukewarm water to remove excess debris before use to prevent possible blockages in the drip irrigation system. Afterwards, place them in a tray full of distilled or osmosis water with a 5.5 ph and leave them soaking for 48h. Make sure EC is 0.0.

Clay pebbles ph increases very easily and can go up to 7, so make sure it is ph 5.5 before using them, lowering it if necessary.

To improve pot drainage, apply a 4cm layer of clay to the bottom of pots so roots don’t absorb all the water from the bottom of the tray and moisture levels remain stable.

Canna Expanded Clay Details

  • 45 L bag
  • Pebbles 8-16 mm
  • 100% package
  • RHP certified
  • Store in a dark place
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