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HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Meter

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The portable HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Gro Line Meter (pH/EC/TDS/TEMP) is a device designed to allow you to take continuous measurements of the acidity, conductivity, and temperature of your nutrient solution.

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The portable HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Gro Line Meter is designed so that you can measure various parameters with just once device in one simply movement. This device only has two buttons that are needed to use it, and you can replace the probe at any time or even switch it out for a specific type of probe in order to measure soil parameters.

This professional meter has two parts; one is the main console, which is where you’ll be able to read all of the parameters on its LCD screen. The other part is the probe itself, which has a fiber connection that increases response time. The cover is water-resistant, although we do not recommend actually putting it under water. One probe can measure pH, EC, TDS, and temperature, which makes taking these parameters a much faster process.


In order to start using this device, clean the probe using distilled water in order to get the best results and correct measurements. Next, put the batteries in, close the lid, connect the probe and press the ON/MODE button once. Once it turns on, you’ll see how much batter the device has and then the full display will turn on. You’ll be able to see the pH, temperature, stability and notices. In order to see the EC or TDS levels simply press the mode button one and then once more to go back to pH.

In order to change the settings, first change the conversion from EC to TDS 500 or 700 – press the on button for around 6 seconds with the device on. You’ll see the letters EC UNIT, which means that the unit selected is EC; in order to change it to TDS 500, simply press the SET HOLD button once and again to switch it to TDS 700. Once you have this set, press the on button once and you should be able to choose between two options to calibrate your device; standard and quick calibration.

In order to calibrate it, the easiest and fastest way is QUICK CAL, which allows you to calibrate the device using just one solution. Press the on button for three seconds and you’ll see the CAL button – this is when you’ll need to place the probe in the QUICK CAL calibration solution until the word OK comes up on the screen and the LCD screen goes back to the start. If you haven’t done it correctly, a message indicating so will appear on the screen.

Technical details:

  • pH range: 0.0-14.0pH
  • pH resolution: 0.01pH
  • pH precision at +/- 25°C: +/- 0.01pH
  • pH calibration: automatic, one or two-points using standard buffers, one point calibration using quick calibration solution.
  • EC range: 0.0 to 6.00 ms/cm
  • EC resolution: 0.01 ms/cm
  • EC precision: +/-2% FS
  • EC calibration: automatic, one point at 1.41 ms/cm or 5.00 ms/cm; one point calibration using quick calibration solution.
  • TDS range: 0 to 3000 PPM (500 CF), 0 to 3000 PPM (700 CF)
  • Temperature range: 0.0-60°C/32-140°F
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
  • Temperature precision at 25°C: +/- 0.5°C / +/- 1°F
  • Temperature compensation: pH: automatic, EC/TDS: automatic, adjusted to 1.9%/°C
  • TDS conversion factor: 0.5 (500 PPM) to 0.7 (700 PPM)
  • Probe: Hi-1285-7 polypropylene body, pre-amplified multiparameter probe with internal temperature sensor, DIN connector and 1m cable.
  • Type of battery: 1.5v (3) AAA/ approx. 500 hours of continuous use, automatic power down after 8 minutes.
  • Automatic power-down: 8 minutes.
  • Environment: -5 to 50°C (23 to 122°F). RH Max 100%
  • Size: 152x58x30mm
  • Weight: 205g
  • Contents: HI9814 is supplied with HI12857 multiparameter probe, HI50036 Quick Cal buffer solution sachet (3), HI700661 pH electrode cleaning solution sachet, 1.5 AAA batteries (3) and instructions.

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HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Meter Reviews

Hola Fermín. Nos alegra conocer la confianza que tienen depositada en nosotros.

Sin duda un producto top. Lo comparto a diario con mi vecino y amigo y es genial. Mediciones brutales, verdaderamente impresionados. Nos asustó por su precio, pero el rendimiento es genial. Además Growbarato no pone problemas con las devoluciones.

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Medidor pH Portátil

HI9814 Multiparameter Hanna Meter


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