pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester
  • pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester
  • pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester, pH scale
pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester

Terra Aquatica pH Drop Tester

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This pH test kit with T.A. drops is a highly practical pH tester that comes with reagent liquid so that you can test your nutrient solution and a small transparent bottle.

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pH test Kit with Terra Aquatica drops - Measure the pH in your water

The pH Drop Tester by Terra Aquatica is an affordable and practical pH tester that comes with reagent liquid so that you can easily test your water before mixing the nutrients in by simply using a couple of drops of reagent. If the color is between light orange and light green, the water is within the right pH level.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to measure the pH of the water on its own, with no nutrients at all as this can negatively affect the results.

How to Use the GHE pH Test Kit

If it’s between dark green and blue, you’ll need to use a product such as pH down so that your plants can properly absorb the micro-elements in your nutrient solution.

If it’s between orange and red, you’ll need to adjust acidity with pH up so that your plants can absorb all nutrients from your water.

With this simple pH tester you can easily water your plants with the right pH, allowing them to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients possible, growing strong and healthy.

In order to get even better results, you might want to adjust the EC too.


  • 30ml (500 tests)

Dosage and how to use the Terra Aquatica pH Test Kit:

  • Fill the bottle half way with a sample of the water you’re going to use.
  • Add 2 drops of reagent.
  • Close the bottle and shake well.
  • Compare the color with the chart.
  • If needed, adjust the pH of your water with pH up or pH down and let sit for a few minutes.
  • Repeat if needed until the pH is adjusted to the right level.



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Terra Aquatica pH Drop Tester Reviews




Buen precio y buena calidad. Es rápido fácil y fácil de usar.


Ser básico pero que cumple.con su proposito


Cumple al 100X100 todo un éxito


personally I rather buy this than pH pens. I trust it more. the pens are very handy but they need to be calibrated. they can lie to you plus the electrodes only last so long and need maintenance. I'm good with this drop kit


Mide perfectamente tanto sin fertilizante como con ellos, 100% económico y efectivo


Barato y eficaz ya k las plantas lo agradecen al tener controlado el ph


Hace su labor para el control de ph un poco de ácido fosforito y 5,8 a 6


Mecesario y economico


Simples, barato e imprescindível!!!É muito importante regular o PH para as nossas plantas poderem absorver os nutrientes correctos em cada fase do cultivo.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Muy buenos productos y buena relacion calidad precio


Ahora les doy él pH q necesitan gracias


sin duda muy economico y me va de perlas porque no sabia como saber el ph de mi cosecha,gracias

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pH Terra Aquatica Drop tester

Terra Aquatica pH Drop Tester