Samurai Coco Multipack

Samurai Coco Multipack
  •  Samurai Coco Multipack
  •  Samurai Coco Multipack
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The Samurai Coco Multipack is an impressive kit that comes with various Shogun products that will keep your plants perfectly healthy from germination to harvesting.


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Samurai Coco Multipack

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Samurai Coco Multipack – High Quality Fertilizers

The Samurai Coco Multipack is a new pack created by Shogun Fertilisers that comes with 8 of their best products, designed for those that grow cannabis in coco coir systems. These nutrients are high in quality and will have your cannabis plants growing super healthy, obtaining amazing results. This pack comes with 6 small 250 ml bottles of Katana Roots, CalMag, Silicon, PK Warrior, dragon Force and Sumo Active Boost. It also comes with 1L of Samurai Coco A and 1L of Samurai Coco B.

Katana Roots for Stronger Roots

Katana Roots is a root stimulator that will help your plants to grow even stronger right from the get go. This product ensures that your plants can absorb more nutrients, while also helping to protect them from fungi and other nasty bacteria.

We recommend using 5ml per liter of water when it comes to seeds and clones during the first week, and then 0.2ml per liter of water during the growth period in general up until the third flowering week.

CalMag Increases the EC in Water

CalMag is a product that contains calcium, magnesium and nitrogen which essentially gives your plants an extra boost while increasing the EC in their water; it stimulates growth in your plants and also causes them to produce even more chlorophyll .

You’ll need to use 0.5 ml per liter of water if you’re using hard water, and 1ml per liter if you’re using soft water. This is done once a week right up until you wash out your plants’ roots.

Silicon makes your Plants Stronger

Silicon is a product that is essentially just silicon, making sure that your cannabis plants grow with a strong cell structure, which makes for stronger plants in general that can absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently. This will also allow your plants to do other processes much faster. Increase resistance to fungi and insect infestations using Silicon.

You need to use 1ml per liter of water once a week from the first growth week until the second last week of flowering.

PK Warrior 9/18 Bud Fattener

PK Warrior 9/18 is a product that contains large amounts of potassium, designed to the end of the flowering period which is when your plants need as much potassium and phosphorus as possible for their flowers. You’ll be able to increase the size of your buds as well as increase the amount of sugars, which makes for a more intense flavor. Thanks to its SmartZen maximizer, your plant will be able to absorb nutrients super easily.

You’ll need to start using this product during the fourth flowering week and you should keep using it until the second last week before harvesting, which is when you’ll need to flush the roots. We recommend using between 0.5 and 1ml at the most.

Dragon Force for Flowers

Dragon Force is an amazing fattener designed for the last few flowering weeks, gigivng your plants an extra dose of phosphorus and potassium. It’s also in charge of giving your plants magnesium and sulfur which improve the photosynthetic process in plants. This is the perfect product for plants that aren’t doing too well and need a last push towards the end of the flowering period.

You’ll need to use this product at a ratio of 4 ml per liter of water the week before starting to flush your plants’ roots.

Stimulate your Plants with Sumo Activo Boost

Sumo Activo Boost is a highly concentrated stimulant that can be applied straight into your plants leaves. This product contains Triacontanol, a type of alcohol extracted from bees wax and rice leaves. Your plants will highly appreciate this product and will also have access to more sugars, which increases resin yield, and increasing growth in your plantds.

This product should be used during the flowering period; if you want to spray it on your plants, use 2 ml per liter of water during the first and fourth flowering weeks. If you plan on using it via watering, you’ll need to use 1 – 2 ml per liter once a week during the entire flowering period.

Samurai Coco A+B for Growing in Coco

Samurai Coco A+B are base product that contain high end nutrient technology designed for those that grow in coco coir.

This product contains SmartZen maximizer technology that’ll help to protect your plants’ roots while also increasing chlorophyll production. It also contains a technology called Aqua Slow Water, which makes sure that water is evenly distributed around your plants’ roots, keeping the coco coir humid for longer.

Samurai Coco A and B in hard water should be used at 1 – 4 ml per liter, depending on how far along your plants are. Make sure to use just water during the last week before harvesting.

In soft water you should use 2 – 4ml until the 5th flowering week, which is when you’ll need to use 2 – 3ml per liter of water. Do not use any products during the last flowering week.

Samurai Coco Multipack contents:

  • 1 Samurai Coco A (1 L) and B (1 L)
  • 250 ml Katana Roots
  • 250 ml CalMag
  • 250 ml Silicon
  • 250 ml PK Warrior 9/18
  • 250 ml Dragon Force
  • 250 ml Sumo Active Boost
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Muy buenos estos abonos y a muy buen precio. De los mejores por esos precios


Siempre impresionante
.gran sabor y vigor a las plantas


Samurai Coco Multipacks exquisitos.senota en las plantas su evolución


Fertilizantes de la mejor calidad, me han funcionado genial, mi cultivo lo nota!


Buen resultado


Un pack muy completo para tus cultivos

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