Sumo Active Boost

Sumo Active Boost
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Sumo Active Boost by Shogun Fertilisers is a potent biostimulant for your plants’ flowering period. It contains triacontanol and extracts from plants from the South Atlantic. It increases yield, aroma, flavor and photosynethsis among others.


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Sumo Active Boost

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Sumo Active Boost by Shogun Fertilisers - Flowering Stimulant

Sumo Active Boost is a highly concentrated stimulant designed for your cannabis plants’ flowering period, used to increase the quality of their substrate. The main ingredient is triacontanol, a type of natural alcohol extracted from beeswax and wax from rice leaves.

At Shogun they’re proud of being able to offer products such as Sumo Active Boost; it’s one of their most surprising products when it comes to the tests done by English growers. Using this product, your plants will obtain multiple benefits, especially when used alongside other products.

Sumo Active Boost for Increasing Resin

The main ingredient in this product is Triacontanol; this type of natural alcohol gives your cannabis plants sugars that stimulate resin yield and improve flavors, while also giving your plants more protein, stimulating growth and helping them to absorb more nutrients while also increasing the photosynthetic process, helping your plants to generate more energy. The second main ingredient is an extract that was obtained via cold-pressing algae in order to keep its properties intact; the resulting extract is rich in cytokinins, auxins, vitamins and amino-acids.

Fast Absorbing Flower Boost

This highly concentrated product gives your plants enough strength to deal with the growth and flowering processes easily. The most visible effects are an increase in calyx formation; this helps buds to have a larger base on which to grow thicker and larger. It also increases general plant strength, causing them to turn bright green and allowing you to recover plants that have begun to wilt or that seem like they may be suffering from nutrient deficiencies.

Sumo Active Boost, thanks to its highly concentrated formula and how well it works with the rest of Shogun Fertilisers’ range, as well as how fast it’s absorbed,  is one of this English company’s best products without a doubt. Plus, its composition has been modified slightly compared to its other version (Sumo Boost) in order to make sure that it lasts for longer in water tanks – up to two weeks without breaking down.

Benefits of Sumo Active Boost:

  • Increases and stimulates flowering.
  • Accelerates flower production - harder and more compact.
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and enzymatic activity.
  • Increases essential oil production.
  • Improves flavor and aroma.
  • Stimulates roots during the flowering period in order to absorb more nutrients.
  • Increases the amount of sugars and proteins.
  • Considerable increase in final yield.
  • Can last up to 14 days in your water tank.

Dosage and how to use:

  • Spraying: Apply 2ml/L during the first and fourth flowering weeks. Foliar.
  • Watering: Apply 1-2ml once a week during the entire flowering period.
  • Do not combine with hydrogen peroxide.
  • It can be used alongside Geisha Foliar to increase results.
  • Can be used in all systems and growing methods.
  • Can be applied via spraying, which increases abrosption speed and makes for visible results sooner.


  • Concentrated algae extract
  • Triacontanol
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Sumo Active Boost Reviews

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Tricontanol un estimulador muy bueno, aún siendo mineral (imagino como mucho sea Bio-mineral) es lo mas moderno en hormona de crecimiento


100% Recomendable


Muito bom estes produtos.... ja tive experiencia de varias marcas e para ja nao quero outra coisa.... Simples, ph +/- equilibrado, qualidade/preço e bons resultados. So peço a grow barato para completar a linha deles por favor... queria conhecer os outros 2 produtos da SHOGUN: ZENZIM e o START... bons fumos para todos


Hola Joel.
Exacto, debes de pulverizar toda la planta y recuerda hacerlo siempre con la luz apagada o bien cuando no de el sol.


Sumo Active Boost muy bueno, muy contento la verdad, lo seguire utilizando.


Al pulverizarlo, supongo que se refiere a toda la planta?


Un pelín caretes pero el resultado se nota, ayuda a potenciar el sabor de tu variedad


en un principio no tiene que haber ningún tipo de incompatibilidad, aunque por si acaso, te recomendamos que realices una prueba en una sola planta antes de comenzar a combinarlos. Recuerda medir el nivel de pH y la Ec.
Un saludo.




Muchísimas gracias por este una pasada este Sumo Active Boost,como florecen lo recomiendo....


Es temprano para poder opinar. Recibido hace dos dias.


Se puede combinar con bloombasric?


buen Sumo Active Boost a buen precio


Se puede combinar con delta 9 en diferentes riegos!! Gracias un saludo


Genial para usarlo tanto fuera o dentro y gran sabor a la variedad


Hola buenas, me preguntaba si puedo usarlo junto con Big Bud de Advanced Nutrients, o ambos vienen a ser lo mismo? Muchas gracias de antemano


Efectivamente, si que se puede utilizar con las bases de advanced nutrients. Ambas al ser de base mineral son perfectamente compatibles.


hola muy buenas,una pregunta lo puedo mezclar con la gama de abonos advanced nutrients ph perfect


Se puede juntar con los fertilizantes pro XL?


Estoy empezando a usarlo y me va muy bien.

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