Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds

Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds
  •  Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds
  •  Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds

Runtz Feminized is a combination of two amazing strains, Zkittlez and Gelato, producing a plant that is incredibly intense and produces some amazing aromas. Don’t miss out on your chance to try this delicious strain.

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Seed Pack

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Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds

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Data sheet
Seed type Feminized
Available individually Yes
Recommended use Recreational
Recommended growing environment Any
Cannabinoid profile THC-dominant
Genotype Balanced
Physical effect Medium
Psychoactive effect Mixed
Indoor Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time October
Flavor Sweet
Flavor 2 Fruity
Climate Dry/Low humidity

These Runtz Feminized bulk seeds are 50/50 hybrid seeds that come from combining two strains that changed the history of cannabis forever; Gelato and Zkittlez. Just naming them is enough to give you an idea of the amazing results that this modern cannabis combination is capable of offering. Just like with the strains used to create it, Runtz is known for producing enormous yields that are beautifully colorful, resinous, aromatic and full of THC; better than the originals in some aspects. If you decide to grow this strain you should know that it’s relatively easy to grow, doubling in size during the flowering period. This strain is quite strong in general, although we recommend using organic nutrients in order to improve aroma and flavor.

Runtz Feminized Seeds at

How to Grow Runtz Seeds Indoors

Before growing Runtz indoors, one of the most important parts is installing a decent odor filtration system or else you’ll end up sticking up your entire block and you may end up having issues with your neighbors, the police or even those looking to take your plants. In as far as growing this strain, it grows at a decent pace, producing a plant with plenty of distance between nodes; you’ll want to use a trellis net to train its branches as they aren’t that strong. It doesn’t grow too tall, although it can double in size when it comes time to flower. With just a little care and a 55 day bloom wait, you should be able to harvest over 400g of delicious, compact and resinous flowers.

How to Grow Runtz Seeds Outdoors

When it comes to outdoor growing, you’ll be able to get the most beautiful versions of this strain; when temperatures drop at night, these types of plants tend to start going darker colors as a defense mechanism, making for much more attractive plants than indoors. When growing this strain outdoors in the sunlight, we highly recommend using a trellis net like with indoor growing; you can even use two if you plan on germinating at the start of the season. This allows it to spend more energy on actually growing larger flowers, increasing yield and keeping your plants much safer. When grown in the ground it can grow over 2m tall, although when grown later or in a flowerpot it doesn’t tend to grow past 1.5m tall. It should be ready to harvest from the end of September onwards depending on the phenotype that’s appeared – some may take until mid-October to be ready to harvest. Runtz 100% feminized Taste test

After having done a thorough taste test of these Runtz seeds we can guarantee that it’s an absolute mind-blow for your taste buds – this strain produces such a large amount of sweet and fruity aromas and flavors that it’s incredibly hard to describe them. When cured properly, once you open up the jar you’ll be absolutely blown away by its aroma and beauty.

Runtz Strain Effect

In as far as the effects that Runtz can produce, we should mention that it can produce THC over 25% and it’s a 50% hybrid strain. It starts off by producing active and euphoric sensations that end up being relaxing and light, becoming more narcotic if you take enough.

Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds Characteristics:

  • Sativa/Indica: 50/50%
  • Flowering: 55-65 days indoors, end of September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.7-1.3m indoors, 1.5-2.5m outdoors.
  • Yield: 400-500g/m2 indoors, 300-650g/plant outdoors.
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Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds Reviews


De 10 recomendable ,repetire seguro un placer tratar con vosotros un saludo


Ya tengo ganas de probarlas porque me han hablado mucho y bien de esta genética


Todo bien

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Salio muy rapida... Soy muy feliz


4 semana crecimiento y de 3 semillas dos fenotipos , una mas marcada indica, mas compacta internudos cortos, ojas anchas y cortas se tocan entre ellas y robusta, ojas con forma sierras muy bonitas y anchas :) y las otras dos crencen mas sativa, ramas mas largas, ojas mas estrechas pero internudos iguales, estas se estan ensanchando mas por abajo, las ramas bajas crecen mas largas van a ser una pelota , las 3 tienen poda apical al 5 nudo y engordaron tallo , de momento muy bonitas promete


Me encanta vuestra seleccion a granel, tienen una calidad tremenda! Con ganas de probar esta genetica.


Pintan muy bien la variedad a ver que fenotipo me sale en las flores


Semillas a precio inmejorable y gran servicio muy buen equipo y muy profesional muchas gracias




Tercera semana de crecimiento y tido correcto buena semilla


2 dia de vida y enrraiza perfecta que ganas que empiece a crecer.


Muy profesionale..


Tengo muchas ganas de que cogollen. Tienen muy buena pinta

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Recién me llegaron, todo super rápido, vamos a germinar aver que tal!


Muy bien hasta ahora, semilla llegó rápido, discretamente, en cuanto termine les comentaré cómo va.

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Se me hace la boca agua,la tengo que probar si o si

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