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Fertilizer Packs

Fertilizer kits for marijuana growing

In this section you’ll be able to find various different growing kits at the best possible price. We have different packs by various brands so that you can find the perfect combination of products for your plants.

Those that grow organically have quite the selection to look through here, such as our Top Crop packages with the basic nutrients or a full Top Crop kit with every product in their range. Depending on the size or your experience

If you’re only growing one or two plants, BioBizz’s Tripack’s are the perfect size; each product comes in 250ml bottles, so you can easily grow a couple of plants on your balcony if you want. If you have a small indoor set up, don’t fret; you can get a small outdoor or indoor Tripack.

We also have complete kits by some of the most renowned brands out there such as Canna’s fertilizer kit. Canna’s kit produces enormous, top quality liquids. It contains only the highest quality ingredients that your plants can fully absorb. We also have packs by Hesi and our special Atami Box.

If you grow cannabis hydroponically, you can use our Grotek kits – with their Six Pack you can cover your plants’ flowering period both indoors and outdoors, and if you need more product for large set ups, you can get your hands on Megapack to successfully grow your plants from start to finish.

If you’re looking to save money on nutrients and additives, simply choose your fertilizer pack and save plenty of money in the process!