Bio Tabs Starter Kit

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Bio Tabs Starter Kit
  •  Bio Tabs Starter Kit
  •  Bio Tabs Starter Kit

The BioTabs Starter Pack is entirely organic and contains all of the necessary nutrients for your plants from start to finish – all you need is some water and your plants will thrive!


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Bio Tabs Starter Kit

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Complete Nutrient Kit for Organic Growing

Starter Pack by Bio tabs is a surprisingly innovative pack for fertilizing plants with the necessary nutrients and beneficial bacteria. These fertilizers are for organic substrates such as soil and coco coir. Your plants will have access to all of the necessary nutrients from the start

Starter Pack by Bio Tabs is 100% organic, guaranteeing quality results.

Now, feeding your plants is much easier – just add in your Bio tabs tablets and the other products straight to your plants substrate and then you just have to add water after that!

How to Use Bio Tabs Starter Pack by Bio Tabs

This system is perfect if you have an automatic watering system where you pump water from somewhere – this’ll allow you to leave your plants on their own for longer.

Halfway through the growing process you’ll need to use Ogratrex and Bactrex in order to reinforce biological life in your plants’ soil. You’ll be able to grow higher-yielding, delicious, entirely organic plants.

When you plant with BioTabs you can reuse your old soil thanks to its revitalizing effect.

If you’re using a watering system such as Auto Pot, you’ll have a fully automatic set-up when using these nutrients.

Dosage and how to use Starter Pack by BioTabs step by step

  • Fill your flowerpots up around three quarters and add in 3g of Mycotrex per pot, regardless of size. This is about three teaspoons.
  • Next, add another 25g of Startrex (two tablespoons) per 5L of soil – so if you have a 10L flowerpot, use 50g and so on.
  • Mix it up nice and thick in order to get it evenly spread throughout your substrate. Next, make a hole in order to place your plant, and add another 2g of Mycotrex before placing your plant inside.
  • Next, add in the BioTabs tablets – one tablet per 5L of substrate. Make sure to place them under the soil close to the edges of the pot in order to avoid roots getting entangled. 5cm deep should be fine.
  • Finally, you’ll need to add 1g of Bactrex to a liter of water and water them with it.
  • After this, simply water your plants with pure water until the 5th week.
  • After the 5th weeks you’ll need to add in 20ml of Ogratrex and 1g of Bactrez in 500ml of water. Make sure to mix it properly.
  • Use water for the rest of the process.

If you want to reuse old soil:

  • Remove the old trunk and leave the roots in the pot.
  • Get rid of the first 5c of soil from the pot and add a new layer.
  • Add 25g of Startrex and 3g of Mycotrex to the new soil in each flowerpot.
  • Make a hole for the plant and add 2g of Mycotre – continue the rest of the process as if it were a normal, new flowerpot.
  • Water untilo the 5th week,
  • During the 5th week add 20g of Orgatrex and 1g of bactex in 1L and water your plants once with this mixture.
  • Water until the end of the growing period.
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Bio Tabs Starter Kit Reviews


Lo llevo probando unas dos temporadas,pero hay que reforzar con Bactrex y orgatrx a mitad de floración


Todo perfecto! Muchas gracias

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Completamente ecológico. Da, vida a los sustratos y los mejora permitiendo reutilizarlos hasta 4 veces, la plantas lo agradecen. Los aromas y sabores se desarrollan al máximo muy muy recomendable. Además facilita el trabajo, no hay que medir ni ph ni ec, la vida, bacteriana y micologica que desarrolla, se encarga de ello.


¿qué Bio Tabs Starter Packs y cantidades contiene el pack exactamente?

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Muy fácil de utilizar y va de cine.

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