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Mighty Spare Parts and Accessories

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Spare parts for your Mighty vaporizer so you can revamp it and keep it running like it's brand new. You can change both the cooling chamber screen and the bowl, among other parts, which is great for getting rid of that vape flavor.

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You can keep your vaporizer running perfectly even after hundreds of uses with these spare parts and accessories for the Mighty vaporizer. It’s a vaporizer that generally gets a lot of use, since it’s one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. This vaporizer is top-quality, but there are components and parts that wear out over time and need to be replaced before they end up ruining your device. Here you can find everything needed to restore it, extending its operating life for a much longer period.

One of the most sold accessories is the Mighty car charger. With it, you can charge your vaporizer or even use it while travelling in your car or when parked. It’s a plus for those who carry their vaporizer everywhere; they’ll no longer have problems charging their devices.

One of the parts that wear away the most are the screens. When you’ve been using your Mighty vaporizer for a long time, the screens get stained and the burnt resin and remains can’t be removed. When they get dirty, they leave a bad taste that spoils the good taste of your weed or extracts. Now, you can replace them with new ones to keep enjoying your cannabis as it was meant to be enjoyed. The Mighty Screen set contains 4 units for the top part, and 2 for the bottom one. The top one is that of the cooling chamber, which usually gets dirtier since its where all of the vapor has to flow through. The bottom one is the filling chamber, which prevents the weed from clogging the hot air conducts. Once replaced, the vapor will be clean again, with no residues from previous vaping sessions and with a much more pleasant taste.

Rubber seals also wear away with time. They make sure that everything is properly sealed and that there’s no vapor leaks and also prevent cold air from getting in. The seal ring set includes all of the necessary rubberr rings. It contains several units so that you can change them several times. It includes 3 small seals for the mouthpiece, 3 small rings for the base, 3 larger rings for the cooling unit and 2 for the filling chamber.

The mouthpiece set is perfect for replacing the mouthpiece when it can’t be cleaned. It comes with 4 new mouthpieces along with their rubber gaskets; very easy to replace.

The oil pads become very sticky and give off a bad flavor. It’s an accessory that works very well, but you have to replace it quite often if you vaporize BHO with your Mighty. Now, you can get a set of 3 pads, so you can enjoy your extracts for longer amounts of time.

The cooling unit gets covered with resin and dirt, and even if it’s cleaned with alcohol, it will eventually break. Changing your cooling chamber is very easy, just replace the vaporizer one with the spare unit and refill it.

You can also replace all of the inner parts in case they don’t work, either because of poor maintenance or extended use. With this kit, you can change all the moving parts and seals in your vaporizer, thoroughly cleaning it in order to return it to its original state; a cooling unit, 3 mouthpieces (for when they’re too dirty), a set of 3 oil pads, a set of screens (4 for the top and 2 for the bottom), 2 Mighty sharp tools and a cleaning brush. You’ll leave your vaporizer like new.

The Mighty Vaporizer Screen set includes:

  • 4 Top screens.
  • 2 Bottom screens.

The Mighty Sealing Ring Set includes:

  • 3 rings for the mouthpiece
  • 3 rings for the base
  • 3 rings for the cooling unit
  • 2 rings for the filling chamber

The Mighty Mouthpiece Set includes:

  • 4 Mighty mouthpieces with their sealing rings.

The Mighty Oil Pad set includes:

  • 3 oil pads

The Mighty Cooling Unit includes:

  • Mighty cooling unit
  • Mighty mouthpiece with sealing ring

The Mighty Wear and Tear Set includes:

  • Cooling unit
  • 3 Mighty mouthpieces with their sealing rings.
  • 3 oil pads
  • 4 top screens
  • 2 bottom screens
  • 2 filling chamber tools
  • 1 cleaning brush

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Mighty Spare Parts and Accessories

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