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Powder Feeding Grow
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Powder Feeding Grow by Green House is a powder fertilizer used on growing plants and mother plants.


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Powder Feeding Grow

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Powder Feeding Grow (& Mother Plants) by green House is a complete powder fertilizer for cuttings, mother plants and plants during their vegetative period. It has the perfect amount of nutrients, designed to keep your plants healthy when they’re going through a lot of stress, which is why it’s perfect for mother plants.

Growing plants and mother plants need special treatment, which is why Green House has developed this specific nutrient composition; it contains everything your plants need to grow successfully.

Your plants will grow into a beautiful green shade and they’ll be able to deal much better with stressful situations. They’ll have access to everything they need to synthesize the molecules and nutrients they require.

Power Feeding Grow contains 100% dissolvable ingredients, which are perfect for using in automatic watering systems; hydroponics, aeroponics, NFT, as well as coco coir and soil. Your plants will grow vigorously, perfect for preparing them for the flowering period or for harvesting a lot of cuttings.

If you water your plants using osmosis or distilled water, you’ll need to add some Powder Feeding Calcium to it too in order to keep the calcium count up, which your plants will need during the flowering period.

It contains the perfect macro and micro-nutrient proportions for cannabis plants during the growth period.

Dosage and how to use Powder Feeding Grow (& Mother Plants):

Seeds & Cuttings:

  • Add 0.5g per liter of water.
  • We recommend measuring the EC of your water and then adding fertilizers so that you don’t go over-board.

Mother plants & Growing plants:

  • Add 0.5g per liter of water for small plants.
  • Add 1g per liter of water during the growth period.
  • Add 1.5g per liter for outdoor plants or plants under lots of light (1000w+).
  • These dosages are calculated for 0.0 EC water; we recommend adjusting accordingly for the best results.


NPKMg - 24-6-12-1.2

  • 24% nitrogen
  • 13% nitrogen nitrate
  • 11% ammoniacal nitrogen
  • 6% phosphorus
  • 12% potassium
  • 1.2% magnesium
  • 0.02% boron
  • 0.004% EDTA copper chelates
  • 0.1% EDTA iron chelates
  • 0.05% EDTA manganese chelates
  • 0.01% Molybdenum chelates
  • 0.01% EDTA zinc chelates
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Powder Feeding Grow Reviews


Es un buen abono,lo probé el año pasado y dio buen resultado, fácil aplicación


Los resultados suelen ser visibles en poco tiempo


Por fin abonos de calidad mono componentes y en polvo, ademas aseguro que funcionan, muy practico,


He flipado con esto tios, no pensaba que sería tan efectivo!!

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