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Humboldt Seeds Organisation

Humboltd Seed Org.- Feminized Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Organization is a Cannabis Seedbank based in the northern mountains of California, near San Francisco, Humboldt region. Many growers work in this area as a consequence of historic crises that happened in the region. At first, it was populated by gold-seekers but when the area ran out of gold, it was abandoned en masse. Afterwards, during the Prohibition, it became the perfect place for clandestine distilleries since it was quite a deserted area, yet close enough to San Francisco and LA. When alcohol was legalized in the US the place was abandoned once again and it wasn't populated again until the 60's, when growing cannabis was forbidden. Many hippies, who smoked non-stop, were forced to find locations away from big cities to grow their favorite plant. And that's how the history of this very professional bank began. In this section we will talk about of some of their feminized strains:

707 Truthland is a strain created and selected by a famous Californian grower, Emerald Mountain. It's a Indica/Sativa hybrid with a very short flowering time. It produces plants with high levels of THC in beautiful flowers and it can turn purple shades when it gets a bit cold. It can produce up to 400g/m2 in indoor grows and up to 500g per plant outdoors.

Dr. Greenthumb's Em-Dog, created by B-Real (member of Cypress Hill), is a strain with a lot of history. It produces ultra-resinous buds in average-sized plants, very easy to handle indoors. With a strong and very fruity aroma, its taste is a delicious combination including wooden, sour and exotic fruity notes. It is quite productive and you can harvest up to 500g/m2. It'll be ready at the end of September outdoors, and is capable of yielding 500 g/plant in the open air.

Pineapple Skunk is a very exotic and fruity strain with a characteristic and very pleasant and intense aroma of pineapple. It produces such a strong odor that it is advisable to employ active carbon filters and duct ozonizers if you grow it indoors. It can result in huge yields of up to 500g/m2. Outdoors, it is harvested at the end of September, and it can yield up to 500g per plant.

The seeds of Humboldt Seeds Organization are all top-notch quality and have received many prizes. After many years of hard work they have managed to cross the ocean and bring their products into Europe. It is an ideal occasion to enjoy some genetics until now missing in the European market. All of their selected strains have been stabilized and lead to balanced plants, ideal for large fields. With very competitive flowering times and unbeatable prices, you'll get productive plants and powerful weed with exclusive flavors.