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Mr. Nice Seed Bank Regular

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Mr. Nice Seed Bank Regular

Mr. Nice Seed Bank - Regular Cannabis Seeds

Mr. Nice - The Origins of Critical Mass Reg

Mr. Nice Regular is well-known all over the world for their strength and, of course, their founder. Howard Marks is a very popular name in the cannabis movement and there's good reason for it. He always looked for the best marijuana in order to have complete control of the cannabis market, which leads them to have some of the best strains on the market. Who hasn't heard about Critical by Mr. Nice? Every old school smoker remembers seeing delicious Neville's Haze flowers in magazines.

No matter which strain you plant, you'll get very strong and productive plants that won't disappoint if you put plenty of effort and love into them. Now, thanks to regular formats, you'll be able to make your own crosses or select the most powerful mother plants.

Mr. Nice Cannabis Strains

Black Widow is a strain that combines a Brazilian sativa with an indica from the Hindu Kush region, resulting in a real resin bomb. When it grows, it exhibits a normal color, the usual light green like any other plant, but when it starts to flower its leaves go a darker shade, almost black-looking, hence its name. Indoors, you'll get plants that grow wide and compact, so the best way to do it is place 4 plants per m2 in order to get good yields. Your plants will be ready for harvest after 55-60 flowering days yielding up to 450g per m2. Outdoors, plants will grow as tall as wide and will almost certainly require to be tutored. By the end of September or beginning of October, your plants should be ready for harvest, producing around 300-400g each. Black Widow produces a relaxing effect, both at a mental and physical level, ideal for resting mind and body after a stressful day.

What can we say about Critical Mass by Mr. Nice? It's one of the most widely grown strains and most present in hybrids, particularly in those created for indoor settings. Critical Mass comes from a combination between of an Afghan with two tropical sativas. It produces dense buds and heavy yields and it is fast to bloom. If you grow it indoors, you'll get large central buds and few branches. The best thing to do is to place 9-16 plants per lamp and set them to flower soon afterwards. In some 55 days we'll get our harvest ready and we'll be able to pick up around 500g of buds per 600W lamp. Outdoors, you can grow large plants. Thanks to regular light exposure, branches will grow better and production per plant will increase. You'll be able to harvest up to 800g from a single specimen by mid-September. It has a fruity and sweet taste with a very sour touch. It has a relaxing and narcotic effect, very medicinal. It is ideal to fight intense pain, insomnia and even to make creams and oils of great therapeutic use.

If you need a truly therapeutic cannabis, there is no better strain than Medicine Man. It is a sativa/indica hybrid that gives us plants with a high content of CBD and THC, so despite its large amount of cannabinoids, its psychoactive effect is light. The CBD will counteract the mental effect of THC, leaving only the medicinal effect. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and helps people fight eating disorders by bringing back their appetite. It can be grown indoors and outdoors although, to make the most of it, one should grow it in warm or hot weather. Indoors, it will flower very fast and in 70 days it should be ready for harvest, yielding some 450g of weight. Outdoors and in a good climate it can yield 800g per plant easily, by mid-October. A flavor of sweet and fruity hash will disguise its sedative effect that will cure all your ailments before you even realise.

Mr. Nice Strain Information & Pros

Mr. Nice Seeds has a regular strain that's just perfect for you. You'll get males and females, so you'll be able to make your own hybrids, breed your own seeds or grow it to get maximum strength. As always, if you buy them at GrowBarato you'll be purchasing your seeds at the best price since we have permanent offers and discounts on all Mr. Nice seeds. Don't hesitate any longer and get the best strains while saving money.